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Anmarine S.C.

Anmarine S.C.
Company Strengths
H.Cegielski-Sulzer S AL ASL ATL & H.Cegielski-Sulzer AV ASV ATV RL & H.Cegielski-Sulzer RTA RND TAD & H.Cegielski-MAN B&W L type & Zgoda-Sulzer ZL ZV ZAL ZAV type & BBC VTR160 VTR250 VTR400 & Napier R510A & Debica: W92MS/WM, W92MR/WM & G.Z.U.T. Gliwice 40 63 100 160 & G.Z.U.T. Gliwice 250 400 630 & P.S.R. 32, 40 & Hydroster pumps & Alfa Laval MAPX 104 204 207 309

Company Data
Profile: Seller / Repair
Situation: Poland.
Region of activity: Worldwide

Website: http://www.anmarine.pl
Company email: office@anmarine.pl
Contact person via: anmarine@anmarine.pl / anmarinegdynia@post.pl / T.+48586699800 F.+48586699801

About Company

ANMARINE is an Independent company formed in 1991. Up to July 2001 our office was located in the area of Shipyard Gdynia S.A. Right now we are situated in the Nauta Ship Repair Yard in Gdynia so we can be close to business always on time and place.
The company have a large stock.

Ship's main & auxilliary diesel engines:
- H.Cegielski-Sulzer: S20D, S20H, AL20/24, AL20D, AL20H, AL25/30, ASL25/30, ASL25D, ASL25H, ATL25D, ATL25H, AV25/30, ASV25/30, ASV25H, ATV25H, ATV25/30, BAH22, RTA58, RTA62, RTA62U, RTA72, RTA72U, RTA76, RTA84, RTA84C, RND68, RND68M, RND76, RND76M, RND90, RND90M, RL56, TD36, TAD48
- H.Cegielski-MAN B&W: L16/24, L28/32H, L23/30H, L35MC, L50MC, L67GF
- Zgoda-Sulzer: ZL40/48, ZV40/48, ZAL40S, ZAV40S

- BBC: VTR-160, VTR250, VTR400/401, VTR631,
- NAPIER: R 510A and others.

Air compressors:
- H. Cegielski: SC-115, SF-125, SE-160A etc.

Refrigeration and a/c system compressors:
- Debica: W92MS/WM, W92MR/WM

Marine & industrial pumps:
- G.Z.U.T. Gliwice water pumps: 40Wa, 40WL, 40Wsa, 63Wa, 63WL, 63Wsa, 100Wa, 100WL, 100Wsa, 160Wa, 160WL, 160Wsa, 250Wa, 250WL, 250Wsa, 400Wa, 400WL, 400Wsa, 630Wa, 630WL, 630Wsa, 10TKE, 16TKE, 25TKE
- Sludge pumps P.S.R.: 32, 40
- Hydroster - Screw and axial piston pumps: ACE32, ACE38, ACG38, ACG45, ACG60, ACG70, ACF80, ACF110, ACF125, ABF110, ABF125, ABQ110, AAH60, AAH70, SPV 5, 8, 9, SPV 30, PPZA 2 ,3 , 4, 6, 8, SOK

Oil separators-capacities:
- Alfa Laval MAPX: 104, 204, 207, 309

Company advs:

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Sell Sulzer 6AL/ASL/ATL25/30

Sulzer 6AL/ASL/ATL25/30
1.H31101 – Crankshaft under 12 counterweights
Crank pins : all after grinding u/s 0,4 mm
Main journals : all after grinding u/s 0,8 mm
With Germanisher Lloyd’s certificate

Delivery : from stock
Price : 19.500,00 ˆ

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