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Bartech Marine Engineering

Bartech Marine Engineering
Company Strengths
OEM Paxman YJ Ventura (stock) & OEM Paxma. RPH, YH, Y3J, YL, SE & Paxman Valenta RP200, (stock) & Holset 4HD, 4LD, 6D, 6LD, 6U & OEM MTU 2000, 4000, 396 (stock) & Ruston RK R3K RKC CSV APC AP VEB & Mirrlees E Range K-Major & Caterpillar 34 35 series & Waukesha VHP series & MAK Cummins Detroit engines & New or reconditioned Governors & Woodward Blackstone Diesel Kiki & Overhaul and repair Governors & Dorman Q,ST,SE,LD,LE,J series & ABB,Napier,Holset,Garrett

Company Data
Profile: Seller / Repair
Situation: United Kingdom.
Region of activity: Worldwide

Website: http://bartechmarine.com
Company email: info@bartechmarine.com
Contact person: Ricky Burtonshaw . Parts Manager
Contact person via: rburtonshaw@bartechmarine.com / T.+44(0)1206791552 F.+44(0)1206225241

About Company

Bartech Marine Engineering has been building a strong reputation for reliability and quality since it was formed in 1987. Almost immediately it began supporting major companies such as Shell, Lockhead and the OEM, Paxman Diesels.
Although our specialist areas centre on engines, governors, turbochargers and fuel pipes, we constantly strive to enhance our support capabilities and develop our services as a supplier.
At Bartech, all our work is performed to the highest standards, and is backed up with our warranty.

One of our specialist areas is providing sustainability for our clients, for engines still in regular use, that are no longer supported by the original manufacturer due to their age. Replacing these older engines can be a real challenge considering accessibility, performance differences as well as surrounding equipment, and is rarely a recommended option. As an alternative we have invested in our own in-house design and manufacturing team who use CAD systems linked to our own CNC machines alongside approved sub-contractors (most of who were involved in the original production of these parts). This gives us increased versatility to be able to provide you with solutions.

Complete Overhauls, Spares (OEM) Support of:
- Expertise of Paxman ranges: RPH, YJ (Ventura), YH, Y3J (Valenta, RP200), YL, SE (Vega)
- MTU Engines: 2000, 4000 & 396 Series
- Dorman Engines: Q, ST, SE, LD, LE, J
- Ruston: RK, R3K, RKC, CSV, APC, AP230, VEB, RK270
- Mirrlees: �E� Range, K-Major
- Caterpillar: 34 and 35 Series
- Waukesha: VHP Series
- Cummins
- Detroit

Overhaul & Repair, New or Reconditioned Governors
- Woodward: UG8D, UG8L, UG10, UG40D, UG40L, UG40-TC, UGA, SG & PSG, TG-13, PGA, PGA200, PGA300,, PG500, PGD, PG-PL, 3161, 2301 Controllers
- Regulateurs Europa: 1101, 1102, 1103, 1104, 1104A, 1131, 400
- Blackstone, Diesel Kiki & Zexel: RHD6, RHD6MC, RHD6MCL, RHD6PC

Overhauls & Fault Diagnosis, New or Reconditioned complete Turbochargers
- ABB: VTR160, VTR200, VTR250, VTR320, VTR400, VTR500, VTR630, VTR214, VTR254,VTR304, VTR354, VTR454, VTR564, VTR714, VTC214, VTC254, VTC304, RR151, RR153
- Napier: SA085, HP90, MS90, HP100, MS100, HP200, MS200, HP210, NA295, NA297, NA355, NA357, NA455, NA457
- Holset: 3�, 4�, 4HD, 4LD, 6�, 6D, 6LD, 6U, HX Series
- Garrett: Most Models

Sheathed Fuel Pipes
We have the capabilities to manufacture a wide variety of single skin and sheathed fuel pipes to suit your requirements. If we do not have the particular pattern in stock, then we can recreate a sample provided by the customer or visit the engine to which the pipes are to be fitted, and create a bespoke pattern.
We can manufacture �one off� pipes when provided with a samples or relevant parameters.
With our dedicated pipe bending facilities, we�re able to manufacture large quantities of complete fuel pipe sets; complete with common manifolds, float tanks and alarm switches if required.

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