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Bengi B.V.

Bengi B.V.
Company Strengths
Hanshin Diesel official dealer & Wartsila L20 L26 L32 W38 Stock & Hanshin LA34 LH31 LH41 LH46 Stoc & Hanshin 6LF58 6EL44 6LUS50 Stock & Hanshin 6LU46 6LU54 Stock & SWD 410 Stock & Mak M20 M25 M32 M43 Stock & Mak 8M453C Stock & Man L32/40 L28/32 L32/40 Stock & Man 23/30H Stock & Deutz SBV628 540/640 Stock & Bergen diesel & Gasket sets, Piston rings, Seats & Bearings, Valves, Guides & Fuel equipment, Gaskets & Bolts, Nuts, O-rings

Company Data
Profile: Seller / Repair
Situation: Netherlands.
Region of activity: Worldwide

Website: http://bengi.nl
Company email: info@bengi.nl
Contact person: Otto Kölling . Sales Manager
Contact person via: otto@bengi.nl / T.+31(0)181617374 M.+31(0)653295992

About Company

Bengi offers a various of original spare parts. We have a large stock of new and/or reconditioned parts.
Bengi BV is a well known company specialized in Wartsila engines and spare parts types L20 /L26 /L32 /Wartsila 38 A/B. In our large Wartsila-stock we store more than 63.900 spares.
In addition we supply other brands spares such as Hanshin Diesel, MAK, Daihatsu, Deutz, Wartsila, MAN and B&W.
We supply parts around the clock through day and night shifts to serve our worldwide network within 24 hours.
We have new/unused engines in stock such as Wartsila 6L32, Wartsila 9L32 and Wartsila 6L20 (only new types). Besides of the new engines, we have more than 70 engine blocks completely overhauled, line bored and ready to use.
New/Unused crankshaft Wartsila 6L/8L/9L/12W32, connecting rods, liners, pistons (Mahler or Ks). But most important we supply not only the main components but even the smallest part (o-rings, gaskets, bolts, nuts).

Our main activities are:
- Specialist in recondition and supply of all 2 and 4 stroke Fuel Injection Equipment (Our service includs major repairs as crankshafts/engine blocks and the replacements of complete engines by new ones)
- Marine engine repair and maintenance
- Marine electrical engineering (Bengi has his own electrical department. These engineers provide new installations, testings of all kind of alarms from the engine room to the bridge and overhauling of all kind of electrical parts build on or around the engine)

- Wartsila original parts and/or parts suitable for. We have more than 40.000 Wartsila spares, we are specialized in the following types: L20/L26/L32/W38 A/B. In our stock we keep small and large parts, but also complete engines and complete fuel ranges with service. We also keep all other Wartsila models in stock.

- Hanshin Diesel. We can offer you every part directly from the Hanshin factory. We also keep a stock from serveral Hanshin types such as the new Hanshin models: LA34 / LH31 / LH41 /LH46 and the older types: 6LF58 / 6EL44 / 6LUS50 / 6LU46 / 6LU54.

- SWD original parts and/or parts suitable for. From the TM410 we have all key parts and several main items in stock, such as covers, pistons, crankshafts, liners, fuel equipment, ect. Also from the smaller models as, DRO 210 / F240 / SW280 we keep the key spares on stock.

- MAN new types: Key parts L32/40 L28/32 L32/40

- MAN old types: Key parts 23/30 H

- MaK new types: Key parts M25/M32/M43

- MaK old types: 8M453C

- Bergen diesel LDG: Connecting rods and engine blocks

- Deutz: SBV628. Key parts, crankshafts, camshafts, liners, pistons and covers

- Deutz: 540 / 640. Key parts, covers, pistons, liners and fuel pumps

Our key parts are: gasket sets, piston rings, bearings, valves, seats, guides, fuel equipment, bolts, nuts, o-rings and gaskets.

Company advs:

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Sell Deutz 6M628 Engine Block (New/Unused)

Deutz 6M628 Engine Block (New/Unused)
Deutz 6M628 New/Unused Engine Block for sell.

Sell MAK 6M43 Engine Block

MAK 6M43 Engine Block
MAK 6M43 Engine Block for sell:
- Motor Nr.: 65211
- Year built: 2002
- 5400 kW
- 500 1/min

Sell MAN B&W 6L28/32H Crankshaft (New/Unused)

MAN B&W 6L28/32H Crankshaft (New/Unused)
MAN B&W 6L28/32H New/Unused Crankshaft for sell.
- WB No.: 51110
- Miba: 0116 2505205-0
For more photos see attached PDF file.

Sell Wartsila 6L20 Complete Diesel Engine and Spare Parts

Wartsila 6L20 Complete Diesel Engine and Spare Parts
Wartsila 6L20 Complete Diesel Engine.
Spare parts New/Unused for Wartsila 6L20:
1. Wartsila 6L20 engine block (New/Unused).

Sell Wartsila 6L32 / Wartsila 9L32 Diesel Engine Spare Parts

Wartsila 6L32 / Wartsila 9L32 Diesel Engine Spare Parts
Wartsila 6L32:
1. Wartsila 6L32 Engine Block & Crankshaft (New/Unused).
Wartsila 9L32:
1. Wartsila 9L32 Engine block & Crankshaft (New/Unused).

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