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Alimpex Ltd.

Alimpex Ltd.
Company Strengths
Man B&W S26MC, L35MC, S50MC & Man B&W L60MC, S60MC, L67GFCA & MAN B&W S70MC, K74EF, K80 & MAN B&W L32/40, V32/40, L21/31 & Pervomayskdieselmash CHN Stock & Wartsila L20 & Pielstick PC2.5L400 & SKL NVD26-2, NVD26-A2, VD26/20 & Daldiesel CH, CHN, CHSP & Daldiesel CHNSP 18/22 series & Yuzhdieselmash ZIK 12/14 series & SKL NVD36-1 & Pumps CVS, NCKG, NCV, ESN & Pumps EVN, ECNU & Hamworthy V375, Melcom EKP type & Alfa Laval MAPX 207, MAPX-309

Company Data
Profile: Seller / Repair
Situation: Bulgaria.
Region of activity: Worldwide

Website: http://www.alimpexltd.com
Company email: alimpexltd@gmail.com
Contact person: Alexander Lipko .
Contact person via: alimpexltd@gmail.com / T.+359889288797 F.+35956843094

About Company

Alimpex Ltd is a company based in Burgas, Bulgaria. Our company was established in 2000, by specialists employed in supply of spare parts for various types of marine diesel engines, pumps, air compressors and other equipment, produced in EX-USSR, mainly in the Ukraine and Russian Federation.
We are successfully cooperating with a lot of manufacturers and stock keepers from EU and third countries.

We offer spare parts for various types of marine engines, diesel-generators, pumps, compressors and other equipment. A lot of items are available for immediate delivery from our stock in Burgas and from stock of our partners.

We, as an operator on free-zone Burgas can represent unique possibility to store your marine equipment(spare parts for marine diesel engines in general case) under the customs control in an EU-member state for long period of time, without paying import duties, and when needed to deliver it to the board of your vessel.
In a cooperation with local shipping agent companies we can offer delivery of your technical supply on board of your vessels on Burgas road, at shortest time and without their direct calling to Burgas port.
Full logistic services, such as transportation to and from your warehouse, insurance, customs brokerage, sorting, checking and re-packing can be arranged at very attractive price, based on our special discounted accounts with main courier and expedition companies.

1. Spare parts for marine engines:
- Man B&W 2-stroke: S26MC, L35MC, S50MC, L60MC, S60MC, L67GFCA, S70MC, K74EF, K80
- Man B&W 4-stroke: L32/40, V32/40, L21/31
- PDM-Pervomayskdieselmash: 6CHN 25/34, 8CHN 25/34-2, 8CHN 25/34-3 (more than 500 items in stock)
- Wartsila: L20
- Pielstick: PC2.5L400
- SKL: NVD26-2, NVD26-A2, VD26/20, NVD36-1
- Daldiesel: CH, CHN, CHSP, CHNSP 18/22 series
- Yuzhdieselmash ZIK: 12/14 series

2. Marine pumps and spares:
- CVS 10/40 (russian: 10/40) spare parts and pump complete
- NCKG 4/40 (russian: 4/40) spare parts and pump complete
- NCV 400/30 (russian: 400/30) spare parts and pump complete
- ESN 14/2 (russian: 14/2) spare parts and pump complete
- EVN 5/5 (russian: 5/5) spare parts
- ECNU 16/40 (russian: 1 16/40) spare parts

3. Marine compressors:
- Hamworthy: V375
- Melcom: EKP 70/25M, EKP 210/25M, EKP 280/25M

4. Separators and spares:
- Alfa Laval: MAPX 207, MAPX-309, MMPX-403 /service kits/

Company advs:

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Sell KBB H3 new turbocharger

KBB H3 new turbocharger
KBB H3 (Bannewitz H3) turbocharger for sell.
Manufacturer: VEB Kompressorenbau BANNEWITZ, Germany
Year: 1985

Sell SKL 8 VD 26/20 AL-2 New engine from Stock (2 pieces)

SKL 8 VD 26/20 AL-2 New engine from Stock (2 pieces)
SKL 8 VD 26/20 AL-2 new engines for sell
Manufacturer: VEB Schwer Maschinenbau (Magdeburg, Germany)
Year of make: 1989
Diameter of cylinders: 200 mm

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