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Universal Trade Services (UTS)

Universal Trade Services (UTS)
Company Strengths
Marine spares & Engine Parts, Crankshaft & Cylinder Cover, Connecting Road & Piston, Liner, Fuel Pump & Auxiliary Pumps & Ship Machinery, Turbocharger & Purifier, Air Compressor & Heat Exchanger, Hydraulics

Company Data
Profile: Seller / Repair
Situation: India.
Region of activity: Worldwide

Website: http://universaltrade.in
Company email: universal.trade2011@gmail.com
Contact person: ​Dharmesh Zala​ .
Contact person via: universaltradeservices2011@gmail.com / T.+918460565550 Skype: utsmarine

About Company

The Universal Trade Services (UTS) is only one Indian company that offers complete solutions in foreign trade. With experienced professionals, is able to provide its services to excellence and transparency, enhancing the exterior of your clients trade operations.

In the Marine & Shipping Equipment segment the Universal Trade Services offers its customers:
Our Scope of supply for this segments are under three different heads with as below i:e Engine Parts; like Crankshaft, Cylinder Cover, Connecting Road, Piston, Liner, Fuel Pump, Auxiliary Pumps etc... Ship Machinery; Turbocharger, Purifier, Air Compressor, Heat Exchanger, Hydraulics and many more... Navigation & Automation; with the help of our expert team we can supplied this too upon your request.

Branch Office: China

Company advs:

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Sell MAN B&W 8L20/27 std. size Crankshaft for sell

MAN B&W 8L20/27 std. size Crankshaft for sell
Item: Crankshaft standart size
Make: MAN B&W
Type: 8L20/27
Price: on request

Sell Man B&W L67GFCA diesel engine spare parts

Man B&W L67GFCA diesel engine spare parts
Spares for Man B&W L67GFCA:
1. Original Cylinder Liner new - 1 PCE - USD5500
2. Cylinder Liner used (Max. wear 0.75 mm) - 1 PCE - USD3500
3. Cylinder Liner (used)(Max. wear 1.00 mm) - 2 PCS - USD3500 per one
4. Piston Crown (​​Reusable Std.) - 2 PCS - USD1450 per one

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