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How to use the site to effectively promote your marine business
Recommendation, Tips, and Tricks

One of the basic uses of the Internet is to sell products and services. If 10 years ago the Internet was a double barrel rifle in the business but today it is already ballistic missile. And who can use this missile correct earns a huge money (we are sure you don’t need examples).

For all of our subscribers we have prepared a brief reference on what to do in order to increase the return on your ads, pages and advertisements on the Brovertek.com website. The same strategies and tricks you can successfully use and on the website of your company.

What You'll Learn
• How to work the website brovertek.com - detailed description.
In order to effectively use the site to make money, you must clearly understand how it works. No secrets. We will tell you all the details.

• Understand how Search Engines Work
Today Search machines are very smart. We'll explain 2 (from many) very important (Perform Page Load Speed & Mobile Friendliness Tests)

• How to make your offers (ads) attractive for customer and search engines.
You will understand some our demands for ads and your page. It helps you to save your money.

• Gain Instant Access to The Best Free SEO Tools
Perform a full SEO audit on any site for Free.

• How your paid and unpaid ads will work for your business for many years and after this ad is removed from our site.
It's very simple trick - it takes 5-10 min - just follow the our recommendations and demands.

• Avoid one of the main mistake that hart your business. 90% (maybe more) suppliers make this mistake.
It's our huge experience. We and our suppliers did not earn a lot of money because of this error.

• Two types of PDF files.
There are two types of pdf files you will be able to upload on the website according to our rules. What is the difference. How each type will work on your business.

• PDF and EXCEL files. What file is better.

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