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Aliaga Marine Services Turkey
Henan Aida Machinery Co., Ltd China Filter manufacturer & Industrial hydraulic filters & Compressed filters
M. Harakhji & Sons India Main & Auxiliary Engines & Spare & Generators, Hyd. Pumps, Hyd. Mot & Crankshafts & Bedplates & Turbo Chargers, Marine Pumps & Air Compressors, Oil Purifiers & Refrigeration Compressors
Prime Maritech India Main Engine Spares & Auxiliary Machinery & Hydraulic Motors and Pumps & Purifiers, Air Compressors & Fresh Water Generators & Overhauling, reconditioning
Delta Separation India Alfa Laval Oil Purifiers & Mitsubishi Oil Purifiers & Westfalia Oil Purifiers & Alfa Laval Centrifuge
Deltech Marine India Marine Generators & Marine Compressors & Marine Main Engine Spare Parts & Marine Hydraulic Motor & Marine Hydraulic Pump
Jito Bearing China Automotive bearings & Automotive wheel bearings & Car wheel hub bearings & Tapered roller bearings & Trailer bearings & Stock bearings
Sino Marine & Engineering Co., Ltd. China Marine heater exchangers & Air coolers & Heater & Air conditioner evaporator & Oil water cooler & Condenser
Yilin Ship Machinery Co., Ltd. China Hudong Heavy Machinery & Dalian Marine Diesel Works & Zhenjiang CME & Vulkan coupling & Yichang Marine Diesel & Shanxi Diesel Heavy Industry
Dutch Blower B.V. Netherlands Accommodation units & Fresh-air units & Fan/coil units, Galley units & Exhaust units, Package units & Engine-room coolers & Condensing units
Mos Marine S.L. Spain Main and auxiliary engines & Replacement parts and components & Other auxiliary components & Spare/replacement parts & Injection systems & Cylinder liners
Samrat Marine India Daihatsu, Yanmar, Man, Sulzer & Man B&W, Wartsila, Mak, Deutz & Turbochargers & spares & Oil Separators & spares & Air Compressors & spares & Navigation
Shanghai Yiguan Seal Co., Ltd. China O-rings manufacturer & PTFE, RPTFE and PEEK
Emerson Electric Co. Canada Valve Remote Control & Cargo Monitoring System & Tank Level Gauging
Mar-In Controls B.V. Netherlands Viscosity control system & Fuel consumption system & Flow measuring, Level control & Temperature, pressure control & Control & Thermostatic valves & Booster modules, Fuel supply
Theriault International Ltd. Canada Marine engines & Marine transmissions & Marine gensets
Unibaltic Sp. z o.o. Poland Vessel Management, Chartering & Ship spares
World Ship Supply Co., Ltd. Thailand Mitsubishi Kakoki SJ20 spares & Japanese vessel spares & IHI, Ube Mak, Kawasaki, Kobe & Sumitomo, Niigata, Nippon & Hitachi, Fuji, Makita, Mitsui & Mitsubishi, Yanmar
Ningbo Robon Sealing Co., Ltd. China Rubber O-Rings, Rubber Seals & Rubber Flat Washer & Rubber Quad Ring & Rubber Ed Ring & Rubber O-Ring Kit & Rubber O-Ring Cord
Optimax South Korea MAN diesel engine spares & Himsen diesel engine spares & MAN L16/24, L21/31, L23/30H & MAN L28/32H, L27/38, L32/40 & Himsen H17/28, H21/32, H25/33 & Himsen H32/40
Pearl Marine & Trading India Oil water separators & Purifiers, Centrifuge & Alfa Laval MAB, MAPX, MOPX, MMPX & Alfa Laval WHPX, FOPX, LOPX type & Westfalia OSA, OSB series & Mitsubishi SJ series
IMD Engineering Estonia Main and auxiliary engines & Fuel injection equipment & Turbochargers, Pumps & Boilers and burners & Separators and purifiers & Compressors, Heat exchangers
Marine Technology Consulting AB Sweden Hedemora & Wartsila W20, W22, W32, W46 & Cooling pump type 514, 524 & Tube heater insert & Inlet valve seat, Exhaust valve
MS Motorservice International GmbH Germany Kolbenschmidt represent & Pierburg represent & RRW represent & BF represent & Valves, Camshafts, Crankshafts & Cylinder heads, Pumps, Bearings
Vogelsang+Abe Anlagenservice GmbH Germany Combustion engines service & Combined heat plants service & Generators and motors service
Frank Rayner Canada Sperre HL2/160 compressor
Kinetic Services Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. Pakistan ABB Turbocharger VTR 564 P32
MGS Precision Ltd. United Kingdom Cylinder Heads Manufacturer & Connecting Rods Manufacturer & Pistons, Piston Rings Manufact. & Bearing Shells Manufacturer & Valve Cages Manufacturer & Serrated or Plain Jointing
Newlink Marine Services Co., Ltd. China Korean marine spare parts & Japanese marine spare parts & European marine spare parts & Chinese marine spare parts & Genuine and OEM spares & Equivalant parts
Breezemarine Group Ltd. Estonia Shipchandler & Ship Chandler
Funditesa Sanjurjo, S.A. Spain Cylinder Liner manufacturer & Cylinder Liner for marine engine & Cylinder Covers, Piston Crowns & Complete Pistons, Piston Rings & Valve Spindles, Bearings & Injection Components
Posidonia Brazilian Shipping Company Brazil Fleet operator, Vessel owner & Man 5S50MC
Stone Marine Services Ltd. United Kingdom Shaft seal repair & CPP Services and repair & Thruster Service and Repair & Stern Seal supply and repair & Steering Gear and rudder service & Blade Repairs
Sumangal Manufacturer & Export India Valve Seat Inserts manufacturer & Valve Guide manufacturer & Valve Cup Collet manufacturer & Alfin Rings manufacturer
Emin Transport & Trading Co., Ltd. Turkey Vessel: Effendi Baba, Toyca-I & MAN 9L32/40. 3960kw & Ship chartering and brockerage & Ship management & Agency representation
Si Yang Marine Spare Parts & Equipment Co., Ltd. (SYM) China Marine diesel engine spares & Retractable stabilisers & Fixed mounted thrusters & Azipull thrusters, Waterjet & Retractable thrusters & Oil distribution systems
Motex Teile GmbH Germany Main engine spairs & Valves, Pistons, Crankshafts & Bearings, Cylinder Liners & Air compressors, Fuel injection & Piston rings, Pumps
Retech Bulgaria Piston crowns reconditioning & Exhaust valves and seats recond. & Cylinder covers reconditioning & MAN-B&W S26MC, S35MC, L35MC & MAN-B&W L42MC, 50MC/MCE & B&W K45GF, 50VT2BF-110
Vestergaard Marine Service A/S Denmark Large stock of recondit. spares & Engine and eng. equipment repair & Propeller, Gears repair & Shafts-Thermal Spray & TurbochargersrRepair & overhaul & Anti-piracy protection
Atik Enterprise India Engine & Generator Set & Turbochargers, Graviner & Air Compressor, Governor & Oil Filter, Crankshafts & Bergen KVGB12 spares
Qingdao Lingchuan Marine Equipment Co., Ltd. China MKK Purifies OEM spares & Alfa Laval, WS Purifier spares & Mitsubishi UEC50LS & Mitsubishi RTA62 & Turbocharger spares & Mitsubishi, ABB, IHI, MAN B&W
Qinhuangdao Shuangpu Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. China Shaanxi Diesel, Zibo Diesel & Hudong, Henan Diesel & MAN B&W, Sulzer, Yanmar & Daihatsu, Pielstick
Xinxiang Aida Machinery Equipment Corporation China Filter manufacturer & Industrial oil filter & Air filter cartridge & Compressed filter & Water treatment filter & Pall, Hydac, Parker
Alpha Mar Group United States Daihatsu DS 26 spares & MAN B&W L70MC spares & MAN 70/120 spares & MAN B&W L45GB spares & MAN S35MC spares & Ship Repairs
Daiho Hydraulics Co., Ltd. South Korea Radial Piston Motor & Hydro Static Transmission & Marine Manual Valve & Hydraulic Control Valve & Power Steering Unit & Gear Pump
VODE Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. China Heat Exchanger equipment manuf. & Plate Heat Exchanger & Oil Cooler, Intercooler & Radiator, Core & Cooling System
MT Marine Service Co., Ltd. China MAN B&W Diesel Engine spares & Daihatsu Diesel Engine spares & Wartsila Diesel Engine spares & MAN B&W L16/24, L21/31, 28/32 & Daihatsu DK-20, DK-28, DL-20
Vimo Trading Co. B.V. Netherlands Deutz Diesel Engine spares & MWM Diesel Engine spares & Bosch, Steimel, Vulkan, Stromag & Piston Rings, Steimel Pumps & Reverse Gearboxes & KKK & BBC turbochargers
Onergys GmbH Germany Crank case ventilation filters & MWM, Deutz OEM engines spares & MWM alternative parts & MAN OEM engines spares & Filters for MAN, MWM, Scania & Filters for Caterpillar
International Shipping Group and Trading Ltd. Turkey Vessels Copan, Corozal, Toledo & Daihatsu Diesel 6DL-19
Kaalbye Shipping Ltd. Ukraine Hitachi B&W power KW 1x4469 & Kawasaki KT-43 B1 315 KW x 1800 & Pielstick 8 PC2.5 MCR & MAN B&W 12V32/40 & Mitsui B&W 6S50MC (MARK VI) & MAN B&W 5S50MC
Sergey Aleynikov Ukraine Bergen engines & Rolls-Royce engines & Bergen Rolls-Royce engines
Techno Marine Works & Services India Main / Aux Engines & Turbochargers & Separators & Air Compressors & Navigation Spares & Hydraulic Spares
Edel Makina Imalat Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Sti. Turkey MTU replacement parts & Detroit Diesel replacement parts & Gaskets and gasket kits & MTU 183, 331, 396, 493, 538, 595 & MTU 956, 1163, 1600, 2000, 4000
Hamofa Industrial Engines Belgium Diesel engines large stock & Caterpillar 31, 32, 33 series & Caterpillar 34, C series & Deutz 513, 413, 716, 1011, 913 & Deutz 1012, 1013, 2012, 714, 912 & MTU 12V183, 8V183, 18V2000
BLK Diesel Canada Cummins spare parts & Komatsu spare parts & Holset turbocharger & Fuel Pump Kit, Injector Kit & Holset HX55, HX35W, HX40W, HT3B
Antaios Power Co., Ltd. China Authorised exporter & manufact. & Deutz, Cummins, Perkins-Lovol & Deutz 912 913 413 513 511 1015 & Perkins-Lovol 1000 series & Cummins B, C, L, K, M, N type & Concrete Pump HBTZ, HBTS series
Tavakkal Traders India Alfa Laval Separator used & Westfalia Separator used & Mitsubishi Separator used & Plate heat exchanger used & Atlas, APV, Sondex & Oil mist detector used
Twinco Pte Ltd. Singapore Piston, Liner, Bearing & Expansion Joint, Valves & Filter elements & Sealings, O-rings, Gaskets & Fuel Injection Systems & Main, Conrod and Flange Bearings
Skanda Maritime Engineering Co. (SMECO) India Reconditioning, Ship Repairs & Marine engine spares & Gensets & Engines (Complete) & Valves & Filters & Heat exchangers, Coolers, Pumps & Electrical Motors, Purifiers
SN Ship Spare India Marine machinery & Air compressor, Pumps & Oil separators & Engine spares, Hydraulics & Vessels and oil rigs & Oil purifiers, Turbochargers
A.H. Global Impex India Marine Main engines & Marine diesel generators & Turbochargers for marine diesel & Marine equipment
Alfa Marine India Marine Engine Spare Parts & Chilling compresors & Turbochargers & Navigation & Automation & Life saving equipments & Purifiers
CT Industrie France Generators, Marine engines & Transformers, Inverts & Caterpillar, Cummins, Deutz & Wartsila, Volvo, Kubota & VM Motori
Malwi Marine Enterprises India Engine parts, Hydraulics & Air Compressor, Purifier, Pump & Compressor, Turbocharger & Governor, Fresh Water Generator & Heat exchanger & Recodition / Refurbishing
EnsTech Co., Ltd. South Korea Fuel filter & Oil filter & Air filter & MTU filter, Man filter & CAT filter, Caterpillar filter & Hyndai Himsen filter
Accurate Ship Spares India Marine engine spare parts & Air Compressors & Refrigeration Compressors & Separators, Purifiers, Pumps & Turbochargers, Hydraulics & Oil Mist Detector
FPHU Hurtexx Poland Separators spare parts Stock & Alfa Laval MAB, MAPX, BRPX & Alfa Laval UVPX, MB, BDB
Manafie International for Navigation & Marine Services Co. Egypt Caterpillar 3618 Cylinder Heads
Universal Trade Services (UTS) India Marine spares & Engine Parts, Crankshaft & Cylinder Cover, Connecting Road & Piston, Liner, Fuel Pump & Auxiliary Pumps & Ship Machinery, Turbocharger
Alimpex Ltd. Bulgaria Man B&W S26MC, L35MC, S50MC & Man B&W L60MC, S60MC, L67GFCA & MAN B&W S70MC, K74EF, K80 & MAN B&W L32/40, V32/40, L21/31 & Pervomayskdieselmash CHN Stock & Wartsila L20
Sona Marine India Marine spare parts & Main/Auxiliary Engine spares & Oil Purifiers, Heat Exchanger & Air / Chilling Compressor & Hydraulic Motor & Pump & Governor, Turbocharger
Aarchi Marine Services India Marine spare parts & Generators, Crankshafts & Bed-plates, Entablatures & Turbocharger rotors & gas casing & Cylinder lines, Cylinder covers & Piston crowns
SV Ship Spares India Sulzer, Wartsila, Man B&W, Mak & Deutz, Pielstick, Stork, Fiat & Mitsubishi, MWM, Hanshin & Daihatsu, Yanmar, Bergen, Allen & Niigata, Caterpillar, SKL, Stork & Ruston, Paxman, Crepelle
BJTEK Navigation Inc. Taiwan Antenna manufacturer & Glanass antenna & GPS Receiver & Marine GPS antenna
Europol Service Sp. J. Poland Polish marine spares & Sulzer S20, A20, A25, AT25 & Sulzer RTA52, RTA58, RTA62 & Sulzer RTA62U, RTA72, RTA76 & Man B&W L16/24, L23/30H, L28/32H & Man B&W S46MC, S50MC, L50MC
De Haan B.V. Netherlands Air conditioning, Climat control & Chilled water system & Mechanical ventilation & Axial flow fan, Marine hatches & Marine ventilation bends & Carrier, Toshiba
National Oilwell Varco (NOV) United Kingdom Rig Systems, Power Systems & Drilling equipment packages & Rotating Equipment & Control Systems & Lifting and Handling, Pumps & Pipes, Fittings, Stator, Rotor
German Diesel Parts (GDP) GmbH Germany MTU, Man, Deutz, MWM OEM spares & Mercedes OEM spares & MTU 183, 331, 396, 493, 538, 652 & MTU 672, 956, 1163, 2000, 4000 & Man D0836, D2866, D2876, D2848 & Mercedes OM300, OM400, OM500
Pompy-Polska Poland Pumps spare parts & Bellin, Morgan, Victor, Seepex & Salvatore Robuschi, Netzsch & Allweiler, NovaRotors, PCM & Mono, Wangen, Bornemann & Daurex
Air Marine (UK) United Kingdom Marine Air Compressor OEM spares & Sperre Compressors & Tamrotor Compressors & Hamworthy Compressors & Hamworthy Sewage Treatment & Allweiler Pumps
BRS High Tech Seals Ltd. & Co. KG Austria Rubber Seals manufacturer & Gaskets, O-ring manufacturer & Seal rings, Lip seals, Collars & Caps, Pipes, Bellows, Fairleads & Membranes in rubber & Gaskets for heat exchangers
Diesel Cat Ltd. Greece Valve Recondition and Repair & Heat Exchangers cleaning service & Piston Crowns & Piston Skirts & Valve Seats, Valve Spindles & Cylinder Heads & Cylinder Cover & Complete Turbochargers
Guangzhou Quantum Diesel Parts Co., Ltd. China Man B&W 18V28/32H Stock & Man B&W 9L58/64, V40/45, V28/32 & Wartsila V46, V32 Stock & Sulzer 18ZAV40S Stock & Mak M32, M25, M43, M453AK, M453C & Mak M20C, M552C, M601C Stock
BM Engineering Co. South Korea Korean and Japanese marine spare & STX (Ssangyong), Doosan (HSD) & Hyundai, Man B&W L & S series & Sulzer RTA84, S20, RTA96C & Niigata 6M28FTE, 6NSD-G, 6L16XC & Turbocharger Man NR series
Comfort Diesel Power Ltd. China Cummins 4B, 6B, 6C, 6L, NT855 & Cummins KTA19, KTA38, KTA50 & Deutz TD 226B & Perkins 1004M, 1006M & MWM TBD234, TBD604B, TBD620 & MTU 396, 956
Cordysa Spain Compressors, Refrigeration & Gea Grasso, Sabroe OEM spares & Mayekawa, MyCom, Bitzer spares & Deutz diesel engine spares
Guma Tech Marine Service India Akasaka A41, Deutz RBV 12M350 St & Man B&W, Hyundai B&W big Stock & Doxford 58JS3 67JM 67JC 76J Stoc & Hanshin EL44; LU40; LU46 Stock & Mak 6MU452AK; 6M551AK Stock & DMR Man, Kawasaki Man big Stock
Union Maritime Ltd. United Kingdom Tanker owner and operator & MAN B&W 6S50MC
Bengi B.V. Netherlands Hanshin Diesel official dealer & Wartsila L20 L26 L32 W38 Stock & Hanshin LA34 LH31 LH41 LH46 Stoc & Hanshin 6LF58 6EL44 6LUS50 Stock & Hanshin 6LU46 6LU54 Stock & SWD 410 Stock
Kawasen (Shanghai) Marine Spare Parts Co., Ltd. China Sulzer & Man B&W engine spares & Cylinder liner/cover production & Piston crown/skirt production & Cooling jacket production & Man B&W S26 L/S 35/42/46/50/60MC & Sulzer RND, RTA, RLB, RT-Flex
Jiangsu Pengshen High Temperature Cables Co., Ltd. China Self-regulat. heat tracing tape & Constant power heat tracing cabl & Solar heating cable & Specialized high temperat. cable & Wires production & Fluoroplastic/Silastic cable
August Storm GmbH & Co. KG Germany Deutz, MTU, Scania partner & Wartsila sales partner & Caterpillar 3508, 3512, 3516 & Deutz 528, 536, 545, 628, 645 & Deutz 716, 816, 1015 & MTU 396, 652, 2000
Benlivan (BLV) Co., Ltd. Taiwan Engine spares manufacturer & Connecting Rods, Cylinder Liner & Engine bearings, Fan, Gaskets & Engine valves, Valve guide & Valve seat, Valve seal, Bushing & Glow Plug, Impeller, Repair Kits
Brooktherm Refrigeration Ltd. United Kingdom Air Conditioning Systems & Refrigeration Systems & Refrigeration tools, tool kits & Split A/C Systems & Compressor overhaul, repair & Electronic control system repair
Thengzhou Chengjin Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. China Marine anchor production & Marine steel castings & Cast steel anchors & Welded steel anchors & Fairlead, Fairlead Roller & Chain shopper and Bollard
Mano Maritime Ltd. Israel Shipowner, Vessel Golden Iris & ABB VTR254-11
Navites Ltd. Poland Man B&W S, L, T series & Man B&W 23/30, 28/32, 27/38 & Sulzer S, AL, ASL, ATL, ASV, ATV & Sulzer RTA, RND, RL, RD series & Vasa 22, 37, 46 & Wartsila L20, W32, W34, W46
Thome Ship Management Pte Ltd. Singapore Shipowner, Vessel Omera Queen & DU Sulzer 7RTA58T & Offshore management & Ship management
U.S. Combustion Products, Inc. United States Alco 251, Caterpillar G3408 & Caterpillar D349, Detroit 149T & DeLaval Enterprise DMRV-16-4 & MTU 12V956TB, Man GV30/45 & Sulzer RND68M, Waukesha L7042GSI & Elliott H784, Garrett T18A
RX-Shipping Ltd. Ukraine Shipowner, Vessel Leonid Leonov & VTR 184-11 turbocharger & Wartsila 12V22HF-D 1740 k/Wt
Angess Marine (Singapore) Pte Ltd. Singapore Turbocharger spare parts & ABB, Ihi, Man, Napier, Niigata & Mitsubishi
Hengshui Baili Hose Co., Ltd. China Hose manufacturer & Steel wire braided hydraul. hose & Steel wire spiral hydraulic hose & Metal hose, Steam hose & Hydraulic rubber hoses & Refuel hoses, Hose couplings
Morfi Hydraulics Greece Crane pumps and motors & Crane rotary groups for motors & Hydraulics spares & services & Marine hydraulic motors & Marine hydraulic pumps & Ihi, Liebherr, Fukushima, Atos
Phillystran Inc. United States Ropes manufacturer & High Tenacity Fiber Ropes & Strands, Braids & Strength members from fibers & Polyester Ropes, Braided Ropes & Mooring/Shipboard Ropes
Pump Seal Supplies Pty Ltd. Australia Mechanical Seal Overhauls & Mechanical Seal Upgrades & Mechanical Seal Sets & Standard Seals for Pumps & Special Seals for Pumps & Mechanical Seal Reconditioning
Pumpseal Sales Pty Ltd. Australia Pumps repair/service supply & Ingersoll Rand/ARO Diaphr. Pumps & Flowserve Pumps (TKL) & Mono pumps, Southern Cross & Grundfoss, Alfa Laval, ITT & John Crane
Zhejiang Foosst Fuel Injection System Co., Ltd. China CR Nozzle, Control Valve manuf. & Injectors manufacturer & Fuel Injector assembly & High-pressure fuel pump & Fuel Nozzle, Delivery Valve & Plunger and Barrel assembly
Cool Dynamic Greece Compressors big Stock & Carrier, Daikin, Sabroe (York) & Grasso GEA, Bitzer, Bock & Mycom, Mitsubishi, Dorin & Nishishiba, Frick, Gram & Compressor Repair/Reconstruction
Nakakita Seisakusho Co., Ltd. Japan Valves production & Auto-regulating valves & Butterfly valve & Remote control devices & Fluid control devices & Temperature control
RC Hydraulik- und Industrieservice GmbH Germany Crane & Hydraulic Repair & Hydraulic Powerpacks Production & Hydraulic Systems & Hatecke Authorised Agent & Electro-technics Repair
UTECO ABEE Greece Temperature Sensor manufacturer & Special Cables & Calibrators, Humidity, Flowmeter & Infrared Thermometers & Electrical transducers & Heaters, Pressure Switches
Gietech GmbH Germany Ako Regelungstechnik excl. sales & Hatlapa exclusive sales & Kupke+Wolf GmbH exclusive sales & KuWo Energy exclusive sales & MP Pumps exclusive sales & Bay Boiler exclusive sales
Qingdao Florescence Rubber Product Co., Ltd. China Fenders and Ropes manufacturer & Foam Fender, V-type Fender & Pneumatic Rubber Fender & Ship Rubber/Launching Airbag & Cylindrical Feder, IT Fender & Tug Boat Fender, Cone/Cell Fende
Transteco Hellas Ltd. Greece Burckhardt Compression represent & EMW Filtertechnik representative & Mitsubishi Maintenance Partners & Vestas Aircoil representatives & RENK-MAAG GmbH representatives & Parcol International represent.
Turbo Poland Ltd. Poland Mitsubishi author. spares agent & Turbocharger repair/recondition & Turbocharger spares supply & Turbocharger Services & Chemical Cleanings & Pressure Tests of Heat Exch.
Van Bodegraven Elektromotoren B.V. Netherlands Electric Motors Stock & Electric Motors Repair/Overhaul & AC motors, DC motors, Generators & Transformers, Slip-ring motors & 1 phase motors, Gearmotors & ABB, Cantoni, Cemp, Siemens
Millennium Group Ltd. Ukraine Russian, European engine spares & Korean, Japanese engine spares & Zvezda, Rumo, Daldiesel & Barnaultransmash, Dagdiesel & Yuzhdieselmash, MAN, MAK & Caterpillar, Wartsila, Skoda
VTE-Filter GmbH Germany Filters manufacturer/distributor & Alfa Laval Moatti filters Stock & Boll & Kirch filters Stock & Bilge Water Separators Stock & Filters for MAN L21/31 & L27/38 & Filters for Wartsila engines
BluPower Ltd. Bulgaria Generators automation upgrade & Generators overhauling & Antom generators/gensets Stock & Natural/Biogas Generators & Diesel Generators & Iveco, MTU, Deutz, MAN
Landsea Tech Ltd. United Kingdom Ship-chanler, Ship Chandler & Ship's Chandler, Controls & Air Conditioning, Air Compressor & Blowers and Fans & Hydraulic and Pneumatic & Engines, Pumps, Valves
NICO Precision Co., Inc. Japan Fuel Injection Equipment product & Fuel Injection Pump production & Fuel Injection Valves product. & Fuel Injection Nozzles product. & Fuel injection Pipes production
Niigata Power Systems Co., Ltd. Japan Niigata Marine Diesel Engines & Niigata Gas Engines & Niigata Gas Turbines & Niigata OEM spare parts & Fuel Injection Pumps & Fuel Injection Valves
Rob Heijkoop Trading B.V. Netherlands Deutz 517 528 536 545 616 Stock & Deutz 628 714 716 816 Stock & Industrie 6D7OHDL Stock & Kromhout 5F240 6F240 8FAHD240 St & Lister Blackstone ESSL6M Stock & MAK 332AK8M Stock
Albion Pumps & Sealing Systems (Albion BV) Netherlands Pump repair, overhaul, alignment & Pump modification service & Valve repair & Mechanical seal repair & Pumps spares, Valves & Mechanical seals
Bartech Turbos United Kingdom Turbocharger repair, overhauls & Turbocharger spares Stock & Turbocharger bearings NTN-SNR & ABB VTR type, VTC254 RR151/RR153 & MAN NR15R, NR24R, NR20S & Napier NA series
Märkisches Werk GmbH (MWH) Germany Cylinder Head systems manufactur & Valve Spindle, Valve Seat & Valve Cage, Valve Drive & Valve Housing, Valve Guide & Valve Rotator Turnomat, Repair & Valve Springs, Manufacturing
Sea Dynasty Ltd. United Kingdom Wartsila 12V22HF-D
Turbo Rotating Spares (Turborots) United States Turbocharger spares, Vulkan, IMO & Boll and Kirch, Heat exchanger & AMOT, Aura marine, Moati, Holset & Ingersoll Rand, Kongsberg, KKK & Krautkramer, Schwitzer, Garrett & Reconditioning, Repair
Wallace Marine Ltd. United Kingdom Ship-Chandler, Ship Chandler & Ship's Chandler, Service & Commissioning
FanXian Marine Ltd. China MAN B&W S26MC, S46MC-C, K98MC St & MAN B&W L/S35/42/50/60/70/80/90 & Sulzer RLA/B56/66/76/90 Stock & Sulzer RT38/48/52/58/62/68/72/76 & Sulzer RT-Flex50/58/60 Stock & Daihatsu DK20/26/28 Stock
Anping Senming Wire Mesh Co., Ltd. China Wire Mesh, Filter production & Filter Discs, Filter Cylinders & Filter Elements, Standard Sieve & Separation Sieve, Test Sieve & Stainless Steel Wire Mesh & Perforated Metal Mesh
DT Parts Marine Service Ltd. China MAN B&W S, L, T type & Sulzer RLA, RLB, RND type & Mitsubishi UEC series & Pielstick PC2-2, PC2-5, PC2-6 & Wartsila RT-FLEX series & Hanshin LU, EL series
Asian Star Anchor Chain Co., Ltd. Jiangsu (AsAc) China Anchor chain manufacturer & Offshore Mooring Chain manufact. & Kenter Shackle, Joining Shackle & Swivel Shackle, End Shackle & Swivel, Chafe Chain, Buoy Chain & Stud link, Studless link, Anchor
Control Marine Automation (CMA) D. Argoudelis & Co. Greece Marine automation seller/repair & Deif, Festo, Young Tech distrib. & ControlAir, Siemens distributor & Klay, Bosch Rexroth distributor & Danfoss, PR-Electronics distrib. & Process control, Control valve
J. & E. Papadopoulos S.A. Greece Ball Bearings, Marine Bearings & Sealing Systems, Marine Coupling & Power Transmission products & SKF, Orkot, Cooper distributor & Trelleborg, Igus, Dellner distr. & Rogers, Texrope, Emerson distr.
Oceandynamic Maritima Corporation Ltd. Greece Bornemann Pumps exclusive agents & Saacke, Mycom exclusive agents & PSM, Hoover exclusive agents & Daihatsu PS, DS, DL type & Deutz 350 358 428 517 528 536 & Deutz 540 640 545 716 816
Sonay Shipping Co., Ltd. Turkey Shipowner & MAN B&W 6S35MC Mk-7 & Wartsila 9R32LN & SKL 6VDS48/42AL-2U & SKL 8NVD48A-2U & MAN Lindenberg, MAN aux. engine
Vas Mare Greece Ship parts repair & maintenance & Boilers, Watertight doors repair & Hatch covers, Air vents repair & Heat exchangers repair & Rudder manufacturer and repair & Accomodation Ladder manufacturer
WenZhou TianGu Seal Co., Ltd. (TNG Seal) China Seals manufacturer & Elastomer bellows mechanical sea & O-ring pusher mechanical seals & PTFE bellows mechanical seals & Alfa Laval pump seal & Grundfos pump seal
Yangshan Marine (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. China MAN, Wartsila Offic. Sales Agent & GEA air cooler Sales Agent & MAN B&W L/S35/42/46/50/60MC Stoc & Sulzer RND68M, RTA52/58/62 Stock & Pielstick PC2-2, PC2-5, PC2-6 & Yanmar N330-UN/SN/EN/LD-1
Brevini UK Ltd. United Kingdom Gearboxes all type repair & Brevini authorised UK & Gearboxes manufacturer & Bevel/helical gearboxes & Hybrid combination gearboxes & Winches and hydraulic products
Filtro-Michaniki Filters Greece Filters manufacturer/importer & Filters large stock & Baldwin, Mann, Fleetguard, Alco & Hengst, Pall, Donaldson, Racor & Dahl, Fram, Stanadyne & Mahle, Crosland, Separ
Intertrade Ltd. Greece Eisenwerke Reintjes represent. & Chesterton representation & Polamarine Scandinavia represent & Vulcan-Dmr representation & Advances Pneumatic Marine repres & SPW GmbH representation
Syrigou Bros Bellows Hellas Greece Exhaust Bellows manufacturer & Impeller any kind manufacturer & Tubes Headers Plates manufact. & Sea Filters manufacturer & Copper Washers manufacturer & Metallic Gaskets manufacturer
Match Instruments Corp. Taiwan Pumps, Diesel engines spares & Generator, Compressors spares & Refrigerators spares & Carrier, York, Thermo Fisher, & CompAir, Flottweg, Sperre, MWM & CMP
Metlockast Hellas Ltd. Greece Engine spares Reconditioning & Engine spares Grinding & Metal Spraying, Laser Welding & Spares manufacturer & Main engine spares Stock & Diesel generator spares Stock
Damcos Parts United Kingdom Damcis marine spares & Stenhøj Compressors Distrib & Damcos Actuator Seal Kits & Damcos Valve Remote Control Syst & Damcos Hand Pump & Damcos Marine Hydraulic
TSS Rotterdam B.V. Netherlands Akasaka, Daihatsu, Hanshin, MAK & Hyundai B&W, Hyundai Sulzer & Kobe, Mitsubishi, Niigata, Deutz & Yanmar, Bergen Diesel, Cummins & Caterpillar, MAN B&W, Pielstick & SKL, Stork Werkspoor, Sulzer
Hydrotitan Ltd. Cyprus Marine Hydraulic Systems repairs & Marine Hydraulic Systems manuf. & Marine Hydraulic System flushing & Marine Hydraulic spares & Hydraulic Controls, Valves & Hydraulic Cylinders, Pumps
Langowski Shipping Vessel Service & Supply (LSH VSS) Poland Polish marine spare parts & H. Cegielski, Wartsila, MAN & Sulzer, Klimor, PBUCH, Warma & ABB, Relpol, Wuch PZL-Debica & Hydroster, Bialogon, GZUT & Hydro-Vacuum, LFP
Polship SP.J. Poland Hydroster SPV, PPZa type Stock & GZUT WOC, Wa, WZB, Pa Stock & LFP 80PJMa160 Stock & Fuo Rumia 0211F-2 Stock & Hydrovacuum S, SK, SKA Stock & Hydroster servo-motor Stock
Techno Solutions Ltd. (TSL) United Kingdom Aftermarket/OEM engine spares & MAN B&W, Paxman, Ruston, EMD, GE & Mirrlees, Alco, Cooper-Bessemer & Turbocharger spares & Pumps, Generators spares & Tenmat Bearings UK Agent
Tenturbo Corp. China Old engines, OEM spare parts & Engine / genset spares manufact. & Pielstick PC2.5, PC2.6, PC2.2 & SEMT Pielstick, MAN B&W, Sulzer & MAK, Deutz, Wartsila, Yanmar & Daihatsu, Mitsubish, Hanshin
Thames Diesel Injection Parts Ltd. United Kingdom MAN B&W 23 series, 6L80 Stock & Fuel injection equipment recond. & MAK M25(C), M43(C) Stock & MAN T23H, T23LH, T23LH-4E & MAN L23/30, L23/30H & Bergen K, L, B type Stock
A.L.S. Altes Land Ship Supply Germany Diesel engine parts & Compressor parts & Turbocharger parts & Separator / purifier spares & Pumps spares & Navigation Communication
Electrotherm Marine Automation Greece Burning systems, Boilers & Weishaupt: Monarch, WK, W series & Volcano, Clayton, Saacke, Miura & Sunflame, Osaka, Krom Schroder & Hamworthy, Weishaupt, Sunrod & Igema, Landis & Gyr
HLE Holger Littau Elektrotechnik GmbH Germany Bilge-Level Switches & Electrical systems for marine & Filter systems for marine & Barksdale Control Products & ABB, Merlin Gerin, AEG (GE) & Siemens, Barksdale, Schiele
Arnesco BV Netherlands Electric motors & Explosion proof motors & Electrical consumables & Valves, Globe valves & Measuring equipment & Compressor spares
Turbomed S.A. Greece Turbocharger repair & Turbocharger spares Stock & KBB authorized service station & Navkratis internat. represent. & Protoporos internat. represent. & Rotor shafts
Best Engineering (Service Division) Ltd. United Kingdom Actuators and Valves supplier & Boiler Controls, Spares & Serv. & Pressure & Temperature Gauges & Damcos Actuators (Superfos) & Ashcroft Pressure Gauges & Transmitters and Transducers
Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine B.V. United Kingdom Autopilot control systems & Compass systems & Steering control systems & Integrated navigation systems & Bridge systems & Integrated platform management
Odin Henrikssen & Sønn AS Norway Turbocharger spares & Anchors & chains & Cylinder liners & Cylinder covers & Pistons/piston crowns
Pump Industries, Inc. United States Pumps, Pumps spares Stock & Repair of all types of pumps & Complete electric motor service & Flowserve, IDP, Worthington & Durco, Ingersoll Rand, MTH Pumps & Byron Jackson, Wilson Snyder
TeamTec AS Norway Incinerators, Eductors manufact. & Containerized incinerator plants & Sludge, diesel and water tanks & Bilge water injection & Stripping ejectors manufacture & C-Type, Portable ejectors
Al Mazan Shipping LLC. United Arab Emirates Caterpillar 3512 B new engine & Detroit Diesel 16V-71 new engine & MTU 12V331 rebuilt engine & Detroit Diesel 12V71 rebuilt eng & Detroit Diesel 8V71 rebuilt eng. & Detroit Diesel 6 inline 71
Universal Marine Supplies (UMS) Ltd. Greece Japanese OEM marine spare parts & Japanese Subcontractors spares & Korean OEM marine spare parts & Korean Subcontractors spares & Chinese OEM marine spare parts & Miura, Mitsubishi, Nakakita
Vortex Marine Gear (VMG) Greece B&W K, L, S, T series & Wartsila R22, L20, R/L32, R/L46 & Daihatsu PS, DS, DL, DK & Yanmar S, M, T, N, MAL, GL, UL & Pielstick PC2.2, PC2.6 & Sulzer RD, RND, RL(A,B), RTA
L. Kelepouras & Co. Greece Repair and Reconditioning spares & Sulzer RTA series, B&W L/S type & Mitsubishi 52LA, 60LA & MAN B&W L, S series & Wartsila, Hyundai, Mitsui & Mitsubishi, Akasaka, Kawasaki
Pacific Central Teknik Pte Ltd. Singapore KRAL Screw Pump & KRAL Volumeter & GSZ (Boiler) & Oilon Marine Burners & RMG Flame arresters & SKL, Deutz, MAK, MAN B&W
US Spares, LLC. United States USA, European engine spares & Japanese engines spares & Cummins, Caterpillar, Onan & Yanmar, Kohler & Air Condition parts, Pumps & Air Compressors and Parts
AdriaNed BV Netherlands Engine spares & OEM spare parts & Valves, Actuators, Ball bearings & Seals, Manometers, Gaskets & Mooring ropes, Steel wire ropes & Anchors and anchor chains
Albia Marine GmbH Germany New and reconditioned spares & Diesel & gas engines spares & Generators, compressors spares & Separators, Turbochargers spares & Sealings, Bearings, Fittings & Heat exchangers, Pumps spares
NorSap AS Norway Helmsman, Pilot Chairs manufact. & Operator Chairs manufacturer & Deck rails manufacturer & Transformer doors manufacturer
WuXi Nenda Marine Spare Parts Co., Ltd. China Chinese engine spares manufact. & MAN B&W L, S, K series & Sulzer RND, RTA, RLB, ZAV, BCA & Yanmar RL, ML, UL, GL, S, M, T & Cummins V/VT/VTA, N/NT/NTA, KT & Zibo diesel, Shanghai diesel
Atlantic Spare Parts Portugal MAK authorized agent & MAK M20, M25, M32, M43, M453 & Cat 3506, 3508, 3512, 3516, C & Wartsila L20, L32/W32, 22, VASA & MTU 396, 457, 2000, 4000 series & MAN D2840, D2842, D2848, D2866
Jomisa Spain valves indicator, metal gaskets & Aluminium, Copper and RTJ gasket & Cylinder pressure indicators & pump and valve packings & mechanical seals, pump sealants & gaskets sheets, sealing polymers
Marine Technics Group ("MT-Group") Russia MAN engines representation & Russian marine diesel types & Daldiesel 18/22, & Rumo 36/45 (D-60/70/74), 23/30 & Barnaultransmash 15/18 & Uzhdieselmash 10,5/13 and 12/14
Nordan Marine A/S Denmark Thune Eureka specialize supplier & Hamworthy pumps experience & Kvaerner Eureka pumps & Deepwell, Booster pumps overhaul & Ballast pumps overhaul & Svanehoj Pumps, Desmi Pumps
Shanghai Sanjie Industrial Co., Ltd. China MAN B&W and Wartsila experience & MAN B&W L/S/G35~98MC/MC-C/ME-C & Wartsila RTA/RTF35~96C/T & Frame, bedplate & Bottom ring, Turning Wheel & Cylinder Liner, Cylinder Block
Vaspet S.R.L. Romania Metal parts manufacturer & Gears, Compressor rings & Various gaskets, O-rings & Roller Conveyors, Bushings & Bearings, Metal Frames & Gearboxes Housing, Wear Plates
TMS (Total Maritime Services) Shipping and Trading Ltd. Cyprus Ship repair & BMW, Yanmar, Sulzer, Kobe & Pielstick, Cummins, Daihatsu & Wartsila, Deutz, General Motors & Hyundai, British Polar & Volvo Penta, Akasaka, Cetrpillar
VTORK Technology (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. China Pneumatic actuators manufacturer & Rack and pinion actuators & Scotch and yoke actuators & Positioner, Switch box, Coupling & Proximity Sensors, Adaptors & Filter Regulator, Gear Boxes
Albert GmbH Germany Baudouin, Bryansk, CKD Motory & Cummins, Daihatsu, Deutz-MWM & Himsen, MAN Diesel & Turbo, MAK & Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Pielstick & Sulzer, SKL, Volvo Penta & Wartsila, Yanmar
LLS Marine Supplies Pte Ltd. Singapore Japanese marine spare parts & European marine spare parts & Turbochargers, Pumps & Main engines, Generators & Purifiers, Air Compressors & Oily Water Separators
Plurotech International Pte Ltd. Singapore Mitsui B&W, MAN B&W spares & Caterpillar, MAK, Daihatsu spare & Akasaka, Yanmar, Kobe spares & Naniwa Pump spares & Kamome Propeller/Thruster & SKV Parts
Renken & Co. GmbH Germany Deutz, MAN, MAK eng, spares & Mercedes, MTU, MWM eng. spares & SKL, Wartsila eng. spares & Pumps, Filter, Hydraulic & Compressors, Turbochargers & Fuel injection, Wire ropes/cable
ShipSafe Marine Equipment Ltd. Greece Lashing equipment & Cargo handling equipment & Hatch cover parts & Seals, Cleats & Yokohama pneumatic fender & Sumitomo rubber fender
Bryansk-Sudodiesel Engineering (BSD), Ltd. Russia MAN Authorized Service Station & DKRN, MAN B&W spares & Spare parts manufacture & Rubber metal goods manufacture & Grinding of crankshafts & MAN K, L, S, D08, D28, E08, E28
Drema Waterbehandeling B.V. Netherlands Atlas Denmark, Serck spares & Clark, Alfa Laval spares & Merser pumps spares & Evaporators, RO systems & Hydrophore systems & UV sterilisers
LDC-Europe Co. Ltd. United Kingdom Korean OEM main engines spares & Japanese OEM main engines spares & MAN, Hyundai, Doosan, STX spares & Daihatsu, Akasaka, Yanmar spares & Mitsubishi, Niigata, Hanshin & Chinese OEM main engines spares
MPCC (UK) Limited United Kingdom Pump impellers production & Cylinder heads production & Pumps, Compressors repair & Allweiler, Azcue, Desmi, Gothia & Grundfos, Hamworthy, Heishin & MO, Iron, Jabsco, JMW, Mono
Volmag Engineering Pte Ltd. Singapore Volvo Penta Authorised Dealer & Volvo Penta OEM engine spares & Volvo Penta engine repair & Volvo Penta engine servicing & Overhaul kits, Propellers & Maintenance parts, Filters
Diesel Partners Corea Co., Ltd. South Korea Japanese engine spares & Korean Machineries Parts & MAN NR, NA turbochargers Stock & MAN B&W L, S, K series & MAN Holeby L series & Yanmar, Daihatsu, Mitsubishi
Enamor Ltd. Poland Marine electronics systems & Marine automation & Marine navigation systems & Marine communication & Safety Systems & Interschalt, Jotron distributor
Martronics Ltd. New Zealand Marine communications products & Marine navigation & Marine Safety & Security Systems & Kelvin Hughes Authorized Dealers & Chartco Authorized Dealers & Thrane&Thrane Authorized Dealers
Nimex Gcv Belgium Mahle official distributor & Kolbenschmidt (KS) auth. dealer & Caterpillar, Cummins & Hatz diesel, Sisu diesel & Valves, seats and guides & Cummins actuators
Generator Solutions AS Norway Stamford Generators Distributor & AVK Generators Distributor & Cummins Generator Distributor & MeccAlte Generator Distributor & Leroy Somer Generator Distrib. & Marelli Generator Distributor
Gulf Turbo Repair & Services FZC United Arab Emirates Turbochargers Repair & Turbochargers Stock & Mitsubishi MET Authorized Agent & ABB, Garrett, Holset, KBB spares & KKK, MAN Turbo, Napier spares & OEM turbocharger spares
Nilsen Frys & Kjøleteknikk AS (Nilsen Marine Refrigeration) Norway Marine refrigeration systems & Water cooled DX AC systems & Air cooled DX AC systems & Brine water chillers, Fancoils & ATEX approved compressor & Maintenance refrigeration system
Norfolk Bearings and Supply Company, Inc. United States Ball and roller bearing & Mounted bearing units & Linear motion, Seals & Material handling & Conveying components & Geardrives
Governor Control Systems Inc. United States Woodward authorized distributor & DCL International distributor & Dynalco authorized distributor & TDI Air Starters distributor & Spinner II distributor & KRAL distributor
Motor-Services Hugo Stamp, Inc. United States Deutz authorized distributor & Daihatsu authorized distributor & Hyundai Himsen distributor & Baudouin authorized distributor & FNM, Nanni authorize distributor & Napier, KBB, MET distributor
PK OEM Parts B.V. Netherlands Wartsila engines OEM spares & Wartsila 32 OEM spares & Wartsila Vasa 32 OEM spares & Wartsila 46 OEM spares & Westfalia separators OEM spares & Westfalia OSA, OSB, OSC, OSD
Fluid Global Solutions S.R.L. Italy Pumps spare parts Stock & Compressors spare parts Stock & Air compressors & Refrigeration compressors & Centrifugal pumps & Single-screw pumps
Freudenberg Technische Ausrustung GmbH Germany Crane spare parts Stock & Hydraulic spare parts Stock & Grabs, Gears Stock & Electric components Stock & Allweiler, Imo pumps & DVZ, RWO separators
Indugarve S.L. Spain OEM spares for compressors & Grasso OEM spares & Sabroe OEM spares & Howden OEM spares & Mycom OEM spares & NSK paired thrust bearing Mycom
KET Marine International B.V. Netherlands Separators spare parts Stock & Gasket for heat exhanger modules & Westfalia OTA, OTB, OSA, OSB & Westfalia OSC, OSD, OSE type & Alfa Laval M, P, S type & Bowls for Westfalia/Alfa Laval
Roodhart Marine Services B.V. Netherlands Mechanical seals Stock & Pumps Stock & Roodhart, Garbarino pumps & Seim, Depa, Simsite pumps & Fluiten mechanical seals & Flex-A-Seal mechanical seals
Geminiani S.p.A. Italy JCB Power System Distribution & Perkins Distributor & Kohler, Yanmar Power Pack & Mercedes-Benz Power Pack & Landini Tractors Dealer & McCormick, Valpadana Dealer
Ivam S.R.L. Italy Valves manufacturing & Valve Guides manufacturing & Special bolts manufacturing & Poppet valves manufacturing & Special valves manufacturing
Mitchell Powersystems United Kingdom Volvo Penta distributor & MTU-Detroit Diesel distributor & Fiat Powertain distributor & JCB Power Systems distributor & Steyr Motors distributor & Allison Transmission distributor
Berg & Larsen A/S Denmark Spares for almost all brands & Air Condition, Blowers, Pumps & Compressors, Incinerators & Main & Aux Engines, Nozzles & Heat exchangers & Coolers & Refrigeration, Seals, Valves
Impro Precision Industries Ltd. Hong Kong Casting components manufacturer & Spools, Pistons production & Cylinder blocks/heads production & Engine parts/gear box parts prod & Hydraulic system parts product. & Engine block and head production
Mabo S.N.C. Italy Perkins engines dealer & Sabre, Dorman, Landini spares & Mc Cormick, Valpadana spares & Massey-Ferguson, Kubota spares & Deutz spares & Holset, Garrett, KKK turbocharg.
Primorska Antrepozitna Targovia Ltd, (PAT Ltd.) Bulgaria MAN B&W S26MC, L35MC Stock & MAN B&W S35MC, L42MC Stock & MAN B&W 50VT2BF, L67GFCA Stock & MAN B&W K67EF, K74EF Stock & MAN B&W K45EF, S50MC-C Stock & MAN B&W L60MC, L-K45GFCA Stock
Progener Spain Cummins eng. official supplier & Mitsubishi eng. official supplie & Deutz, Sole Diesel & Cummins Mercruiser & Mercury Mercruiser & Cummins industrial gensets
Sirtec S.R.L. Italy Overhauling, repair of governors & Woodward, Europa governors & Deutz, Diesel Kiki governors & Manufacturing of hydraulic tools & Repair of hydraulic tools & Spare parts procurement
COC Marine Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia B&W, MAN, Sulzer, Yanmar spares & Daihatsu, Pielstick, Akasaka & Hanshin, Wartsila, Stork spares & Deutz, Caterpillar, MWM, MTU & MAK, SKL, Niigata, Makita spares & Chinese diesel engine spares
ATP Aftermarket Turbo Parts Poland Aftermarket turbocharger spares & OEM turbocharger spares & ABB VTR, TPL, TPS, RR type & KBB, Napier, WSK & MAN NA, NR, TCA, TCR type & Mitsubishi MET type
Goltens Worldwide Management Corp. United States OEM and non-OEM engine spares & Mitsubishi, Pielstick, Bergen & MAN B&W, Wartsila, Sulzer, MAK & Rolls Royce, Yanmar, Himsen & Daihatsu, Jenbacher, Waukesha & Caterpillar, Cummins
Hansung Marine Services Co., Ltd. South Korea Cylinder liners manufacturing & Cylinder covers manufacturing & Connecting rod manufacturing & Piston crown manufacturing & Piston skirt manufacturing & Spares manufacturing
Korea Ocean Marine Co., Ltd. (KOMARINE) South Korea Mitsubishi Purifier Production & Alfa Laval Purifier Production & Cylinder Head manufacturing & Cylinder Liner manufacturing & Valve Casing manufacturing & Valve with Valve Seat
One World Trading Est. Saudi Arabia European engines distributes & American engines distributes & MAK, Cummins, Deutz, Yanmar & Caterpillar, Niigata, Pielstick & Sulzer series, Delaval, GMT & Wartsila all engines, Hyundai
Simarina UAB Lithuania MCD authorized distrubutor & MCD gaskets and plates & Bryansk, Daldiesel spares & Pervomaiskdieselmash spares & Russki Diesel, CKD Motory spares & Akasaka, Sulzer, Yanmar spares
Japan Marine Spares Pvt. Ltd. (JMS Group) Japan Japanese marine spare parts & Korean marine spare parts & European marine spare parts & Genuine and OEM spares
MES S.R.L. Italy STX, HYE appointed agent & Doosang appointed agent & Samgong appointed agent & Genuine spares for engines & MAN-B&W L, S, MC, ME, series & Wartsila-Sulzer RTflex, RTA, RND
Beewell Technology Co., Ltd. China Standalone smoke alarm & Network smoke detector & Network heat detector & Fire alarm control panel & Gas detector & Carbon monoxide detector
Birkas & Co., Ltd. Hungary Guascor OEM & after-market parts & Repair kits for Guaskor & Champion, Altronic distributing & Dolandson distributing & Mahle, Goetze, Miba supplier & Parts Manuals for Guaskor
Nav.I.Mec. S.R.L. Italy Guascor engines official sale & MAN, Caterpillar, Deutz spares & Blackstone, MAK, Normo spares & MWM, Cummins, Wartsila spares & SKL, Yanmar, Baudoin, GMT spares & Mitsubischi, Iveco Aifo spares
Omnium Marine & Industrial Ltd. United Kingdom European engines spares & Japanese engines spares & MWM Deutz, Caterpillar, Cummins & Detroit Diesel, MAN B&W Alpha & Bazan MAN B&W, MAK, Sulzer & Pielstick, SWD Stork Werkspoor
Atlantis (Hellas) P.C. Greece Akasaka, Alfa Laval, B&W spares & Daihatsu, Hamworthy, MAN spares & Mitsubishi, Shinkokinzoku spares & Sulzer, Tanabe spares
C.M.I. Trading Services Ltd. Greece Wood Group representative & Aztech Heat Exchangers represent & Detegasa Delta representative & Vicinay Cadenas S.A. represent & Millenium Diesel Chrome represen
Unimasters Logistics PLC Bulgaria Logistic & Transport & Delivery & Warehousing & Distributiones & Customs, security & insurance & Freight transportation
United Machineries Ltd. Greece SXS exclusive representation & Sulzer, MAN, B&W, MAK spares & Pielstick, Mitsubishi spares & Gotaverken, Fiat spares & Generators overhauled, spares & Turbocharger overhauled, spares
Wee Sea Tec GmbH Germany Main engines overhauls, repairs & Reconditioning of ship equipment & Hull treatment works & Anti-corrosion works & Hatch cover repairs & Electrical troubleshooting
CDS Refrigeration Ltd. (CDS Group) United Kingdom Compressors spares stock & Compressors remanufacture & Johnson Controls, Bitzer, Bock & Stal, Sabroe & York, Carrier & Dorin, Dunham Bush, Frick & Gram, Grasso, Howden, Mycom
Genme SA Greece Piston skirt Manufacturing & Piston, Cylinder cover Recondit. & Valve Repair & Seats, Spindles Fabrication & Crankshaft Grinding & Bedplate/Bearing bore Realigning
Ocean Marine Services Co., Ltd. South Korea Hyundai Authorized Agent & Total LubMarine Authorized Agent & Soteco Sales Agent & Non-orig. separator spare manuf. & Alfa Laval, Mitsubishi separator & Westfalia separators
Weifang FuYuan Turbochargers Co., Ltd. China Turbocharger manufacture & Weichai Power OEM supplier & Yuchai OEM supplier & Jinan Diesel OEM supplier & Chongqing Googol OEM supplier
Polyverix - H+G Meister AG Switzerland B&W K, L, S, 60, 67, 70 Stock & MAN B&W KSZ70/125 Stock & MAK 601 Stock & Mitsubishi UEC50LSII, UEC60LS St & Pielstick PC42-570 Stock & Wartsila VASA32, 32, 46, L20 St.
SUBMARINE Ships Technical Service Poland H. Cegielski-Sulzer S, AL Stock & H. Cegielski-Sulzer ATL, ASV, AV & H. Cegielski-Sulzer ATV, RTA, RL & H. Cegielski-Sulzer RND, RD St. & H. Cegielski-MAN B&W L series St & Air compressors, Pumps, Filters
Shung Fon Industries Co., Ltd. China Valves manufacturer & Piston manufacturer & Turbocharger spares manufacturer & ABB VTR 0/1/4, TPS48, TPS52, TPL & Valve Spindle, Valve Seat & Valve cage, Valve Rotator
Tecomar S.L. Spain Bombas Azcue official represent. & Compresores A.B.C. official repr & Interturbo official represent. & Bombas Itur official represent. & Alco 251 (A, B, C, D) & B&W K-45, K-67, L-45, L-67
The Rowland Company United States Clutches and Brakes & Couplings and Universal Joints & Water Lubricated Bearings & Turbine Air Starters & Propulsion Clutches, Couplings & Driveshafts, Power Take-Offs
Olympic Repairs D. Andrianos and Co.G.P. Greece Turbochargers repair & ABB, Napier, MAN, Sulzer spares & Ihi, Mitsubishi, KKK spares & Garrett spares & Main engines, Fuel system repair & MTU, Pielstick, Wartsila engines
Peppa Paraskevi Co. Greece New generating sets & Marine propulsion engines & MTU 99 183 331 396 493 538 595 & MTU 652 956 1163 1600-8000 S60 & Purifiers, Pumps, Valves, Filter & Compressors, Turbochargers
IFSC Bvba-Sprl Belgium Filters & Boll & Kirch Filters
Hydor S.A. Greece European Pumps spares stock & Japanese Pumps spares stock & Korean Pumps spares stock & Chinese Pumps spares stock & Complete Pumps Stock & Separators Alfa Laval, Westfalia
WTE PowerBolt s.r.o. Czech Republic Special fasteners manufacturer & Studbolts, Hex. bolts Production & Socked head bolts, EYE bolts & Hexagon head bolts, SuperDuplex & Power bolt, Special bolt Product & Monel, Inconel, Nimonic, Duplex,
Eagle Generators Ltd. United Kingdom Cummins new Generators & Perkins new Generators & Cummins used Generators & Cat used Generators & Perkins used Generators & Volvo used Generators
Nanjing International Marine Equipment & Spares Ltd. China Diesel Engine Valves Manufact. & Four-stroke Valve Spindles Manuf & Four-stroke Valve Seats Manuf. & Four-stroke Valves Guides Manuf. & Two-stroke Valves Manufacturer & Valves for MAN, B&W, Wartsila
Denro Ltd. United Kingdom Donaldson Filtration Distributor & Sogefi Filtration Distributor & Baldwin Filtration Distributor & Luber Finer Distributor & Generators New and Used & Iskra Starters/Alternators
Zephyr Marine Ltd. China Turbocharger spares & ABB VTR VTC RR TPS TPL series & MAN NR NA series & IHI RH AT series & Mitsubishi MET series
Marine Turbo China Turbocharger spares Manufacturer & ABB RR, TPS, VTR series & MTU ZR140, ZR 170 series & TL-R, TL-C, TL-RR turb. spares & TL-RH, TL-MA, TL-MR turb. spares & Cartridge, Rotor complete
Metal Technology Group AD (MTG) Bulgaria Cylinder Liner Manufacturer & Different type Casting Manufact, & Sand, Shell casting & Low/Counter pressure die casting & Centrifugal casting & Centrifugal cast tubes
Miller Shipping Ltd. Canada SKL 6VD26/20AL-2 Stock & Owning and operating vessels & Tug & Barge services & Ice Management vessels & Seismic Support vessels
Accedo (Canada) Ltd. Canada Deutz MAK Kamewa Bergen spares & Cummins Mitsubishi Hyundai spare & Niigata Scania John Deere spares & Daihatsu Yanmar Isuzu Zexel spar & Shaft Coupling Seals & Ball Bearings, Valves
Rickmers Holding AG Germany Owning and chartering vessels & Technical shipmanagement service & Vessels dockings and maintenance & Operational fleet management & Vessel drydock and repair
Golden Age Power (Emirates) FZC United Arab Emirates Sulzer RND/RD 105/90/76/68 Stock & MAN B&W L23/30 S28LH 23MTBH40 St & MAN B&W T23HH 21MTBH30 K62EF St. & MAN B&W 84VT2BF180 74VT2BF160 St & MAN B&W K98FF K84EF Stock & Bergen KVGB12 KRG Stock
K.U.T. Diesels Pte Ltd. Singapore Genuine spares engine Distrib. & Injectors Crankshafts Camshafts & Cylinder Block and Cylinder Head & Piston and Liner Kits & Main and Connecting Rod Bearing & Cummins Bosch Distributor
Qinhuangdao Sino-Ocean Marine Equipment & Machinery Co., Ltd. China Hongjiang fuel injection system & MAN B&W 60MC-C, 70MC-C Stock & MAN B&W 50MC-C, 50ME, 50MC-C St. & MAN B&W 26/35/42MC-C, 46MC-C St. & Turbochargers, Separators Stock & Air compressor, Pumps Stock
China Xuanfu Industrial Dalian Corporation China Pneumatic Fenders Manufacturer & Fenders Manufacturer
Heeyas Ltd. India MAN B&W L S 62 74 84 type Stock & Mitsubishi 45 52 60 type Stock & Sulzer RTA RND type Stock & Deutz 358 540 12V528 Stock & MAK 452AK M35 551AK Stock & Wartsila 824TH Stock
Mepcat LLC. United States Caterpillar, Komatsu spare parts & Cummins, Shantui spare parts & Doosan, Hyundai spare parts & Volvo, Case spare parts & New Holland, Daewoo spare parts & John Deere spare parts
MICS Impex Pvt. Ltd. India Yanmar 6HAL-HT Stock & Volvo Penta TWD1643GE Stock & MAK 601 Stock & Mitsubishi Kobe UEC60, 52, 45 St & MAN B&W S60MC Stock & Heinzmann STG30 Stock
Neptune Heat Exchangers Pte Ltd. Singapore Charge Air Coolers Manufacturer & Heat Exchangers all type Manuf. & Shell & Tube Condensers Manuf. & Blast Air Coolers Manufacturer & Radiators, Oil Coolers Manufact. & Crane Oil Coolers
Cixi Aiflon Sealing Materials Co., Ltd. China Sealing Manufacturer & Gaskets, Gasket Sheets Manufact. & Compression Packings Manufact. & Heat Insulation Manufacturer & Sealing Machines Manufacturer & Industrial Gaskets Manufacturer
ENEX GmbH Germany Sulzer S BAH AL AV ASL ASV Stock & Sulzer ATL ZAL ZAV ZL ZV Stock & Sulzer RND RTA Stock & MAN L32-40 V32-40 ASL25-30 Stock & MAN ASV25-30 Stock & Cegielski SC115 SF125 SE160/A S.
G. Kourouklis Greece MAN B&W L28/32H, 6L23/30 Stock & Daihatsu 5DK20, DK20, 6DK-28 St. & Wartsila L20, R32 Stock & Caterpillar 3412C, C18, 3500 St. & MWM TBD604 Stock & Yanmar 6S185L-UT, M200L-SN Stock
Hongkong Fengguang Industry Limited China Atlas Copco compressor spares & Sulair compressor spares & Ingersoll Rand compressor spares & Hitachi compressor spares & Fusheng compressor spares & Air Filter, Oil Filter for compr
Teximor Poland Poland Sulzer S BAH RTA RND RD RL Stock & Sulzer AL AV S ZL ZV ZA ZAV Stoc & Vasa 8R22HF-C Stock & Wola Henschel H-6 H-12 series St & Skoda Praha CKD6-27 5A2S Stock & SKL 6NVD48A-2U Stock
Toyo Marine & Industrial (S) Pte Ltd. Singapore Japanese marine spares Stock & European marine spares Stock & American marine spares Stock & Daihatsu Makita Fuji all models & Hanshin Akasaka all models & Niigata Mitsubishi all models
Norwegian Valve Technology A/S Norway Valves, Actuators spares Stock & Ball Valves, Gate Valves & Globe Valves, Check Valves & Butterfly Valves, Plug Valves & Through Conduit Gate Valves & Electric Actuators
STr Sp. z o.o. Poland Sulzer RND RLA AL AV ASL ATL ATV & Sulzer TAD BAH S RTA ZL ZV ZAS & MAN B&W L S K series Stock & Wola 135R6, 135V12, H31, S12 St. & Andoria ZE-266, ZE-400 Stock & Cummins LTA M N NT NTA KTA Stock
Marine Diesel Network Ltd. Bulgaria Wartsila R22 R32 9R32 Stock & B&W S L K series Stock & MAN KSZ series Stock & Sulzer RD TAD ZA RND RTA RLA St. & Pielstick PC2.2, PC2.5, PC4 St. & Ruston 16RK-270
Maxal Shipping Ltd. Bulgaria Working with general cargoes & Vessels of 3000-5000 tons
Ark Turbo Co., Ltd. China Turbochargers repair, spares S. & ABB VTR, VTC, RR, TPS type Stock & MAN NR, NA type Stock & Mitsubishi MET series Stock & IHI RH type Stock & Air compressors spares Stock
Filterkon Ltd. Greece Bollfilter exclusive represent & Boll and Kirch exclusive repres. & ELWA exclusive represent & Hammelmann exclusive represent
Ruysch International B.V. Netherlands Stork Werkspoor R150 DRO210 Stoc & Stork Werkspoor F240 SW280 Stock & Stork Werkspoor TM410 Stock & Wartsila 20 22 26 32 38 Stock & ABC Diesel DX DZ Stock & Stork Wartsila ABC OEM spares
Ruysch International-Americas United States Separators and bowls OEM spares & Westfalia OTA OTB OSA OSB Stock & Westfalia OSE OSD Stock & Alfa Laval M P S type Stock & Seal Rings, Spacer Rings, Liners & OEM Spares for major propulsion
Marland Technical Services Ltd. Hong Kong Anqing Daihatsu large stock & Shaanxi Daihatsu large stock & Daihatsu Yanmar large stock & Mitsubishi SJ purifier parts & Shinko pumps parts & Tanabe air compressor parts
Turbine Works Ltd. (Tvornica turbina d.o.o. TTK) Croatia Marine Steam Turbine Production & Pumps BPV 2CPV CG type Product. & Marine Water Ejectors Production & Tube & shell Heat exch. Product. & Sewage Treatment Plants Product. & Turbines Pumps spares Production
Turbotec-Pistolis Ltd. Greece ABB MAN MET Napier Turbochargers & Turbochargers New or Recondition & Turbochargers spare parts Stock & VTR RH Impellers new or recond. & Rotor Shaft MET NR NA RH VTR RR & MAN ABB MET B&W Turbine Blades
Bor Chi (Singapore) Pte Ltd. Singapore Turbocharger casings Manufact. & Liners, Heads and Pistons Manuf. & Fabricate spare part from sample & Akasaka 37 39 45 52 Stock & MAN B&W K L M S type Stock & Gotaverken 750/1600 850/1700 S.
Yikang Marine Services Co., Ltd. South Korea STX parts sales agent & SKL authorized dealer & Doosan parts sales agent & Shin Shin Pumps sales agent & DongHwa Heat exchanger agent & Alfa Laval Purifier sales agent
Anmarine S.C. Poland H.Cegielski-Sulzer S AL ASL ATL & H.Cegielski-Sulzer AV ASV ATV RL & H.Cegielski-Sulzer RTA RND TAD & H.Cegielski-MAN B&W L type & Zgoda-Sulzer ZL ZV ZAL ZAV type & BBC VTR160 VTR250 VTR400
Bartech Marine Engineering United Kingdom OEM Paxman YJ Ventura (stock) & OEM Paxma. RPH, YH, Y3J, YL, SE & Paxman Valenta RP200, (stock) & Holset 4HD, 4LD, 6D, 6LD, 6U & OEM MTU 2000, 4000, 396 (stock) & Woodward, Regulateurs Europa
EUR(O)QUIP GmbH Germany Sulzer RD RND AL type & MAN/DMR KZ KSZ B RTA RLB type & B&W L S 23 type & MAK 282 451 452 453 551 type & Deutz 350 428 528 545 816 type & MWM 226 234 500 518 618 1822
Marinco Ltd. Japan Japanese spare parts & European spare parts & Engines, Pumps, Purifiers & Turbochargers, Air compressors & Filters, Governors, Generators & Cranes, Refrigeration, Electrica
Marine Boiler Services (MBS) United Kingdom Spanner Boiler Genuine parts & Supreme Oil Burners Genuine part & Babcock Clarke Chapman Cochran & Credfeld Camtork Hamworthy NEI & Monarch Saacke Stone Vapour & John Thompson Todd Combustion
Motec BVBA Belgium Azcue Pumps Official supplier & Bombas Azcue Official supplier & Screw pumps & Priming spindle pumps & Selfpriming screw pumps & Centrifugal pumps
QinHuangDao J.Cheng Marine Spare Part Co., Ltd. China Daihatsu PS PKT DS DL DK PL VS & Yanmar S M T SC series & Mitsubishi UET UEC MPTK SJ & MAN B&W L S series & Sulzer AL RTA RD ZAL ZAV ZL ZV & MAN L KZ series
Zheng Da Enterprise Pte Ltd. Singapore Anchors & chains Stock & Anchor AC-14 SPEK HALL POOL type & Studless mooring chain & Offshore chain, Anchor chain & Stud link anchor chains & Lifeboat, Launching Davit
Burak Marine Consultant Ltd. Turkey MWM TBD 510 511 Stock & Wartsila 6R32 12V25 6R46 32E S. & Deutz 540 528 628 816 358 350 S. & MAN 40/45 40/54 48/60 80GFCA S. & MAK 551 453 451 452 552 601 S. & Sulzer 40/48 25/30 20/24 RTA S.
Fukuno International Ltd. Japan Japanese marine spare parts & Japanese marine engines & Scandinavian, European engines & Akasaka Daihatsu Fairbanks Morse & Hanshin Hyundai Makita Waukesha & Mitsubishi Mitsui Niigata Kobe
Diamond Diesels (UK) Limited United Kingdom Dealer Mitsubishi marine engines & Genuine Mitsubishi spare parts & Dealer Mitsubishi turbochargers & Out of production Mitsubishi eng & Reconditioned Mitsubishi spares & Mitsubishi gensets, generators
Gulf States Marine Technical Bureau, Inc. United States BBC turbochargers spares Stock & Daihatsu generators gensets S. & Sulzer Mitsubishi Kawasaki S. & MAN Pielstick B&W S. & Cylinder Covers, Piston Rings S. & Connecting Rods, Bearings S.
Sintana Marine Services Co., Ltd. Thailand OEM MAN Wartsilla Sulzer Stock & Yanmar KFL RAL MAL UAL AL ZL S. & Yanmar M200L M220L T220L GL S. & Daihatsu PKT DS PS DL series S. & Akasaka & Kobe Mitsubishi S. & Niigata HS X AX BX CX series S.
Shanghai Eagle Engine Co., Ltd. China Dealer MTU engine spare parts & MTU 183, 396, 1600, 2000 series & MTU 2000, 4000, 8000 series & MTU 1163, 956, Mercedes-Benz OM & OEM, aftermarket Cummins, Deutz & OEM, aftermarket Komatsu
Sino Marine Equipment Co., Ltd. China Chinese Japanese European market & Genuine, OEM and Chinese spares & MAN L L/S K series & Yanmar S M N EY WY ML GL HAL UAL & Daihatsu DC DK DL DS PS & Spare from China authoried maker
Alatas UK Ltd. United Kingdom Ship, mobile, offshore cranes & Crane repair & Cylinder pumps motors repair & Gearbox winch repair & Crane upgrades
AMEX Service Trading (Marine) Ltd. Poland Sulzer Cegielski AL20/24 AL25/30 & Sulzer ATL25/30 ASL25/30 S20 & Sulzer Cegielski RND RTA & Sulzer Zgoda ZL40/48 ZV40/48 & Sulzer Zgoda ZAL40 ZAS40 & B&W Cegielski
Barthels+Lüders Germany DMR, MBH, SKL Service agents & Pielstick, HHI, Himsen S.A. & STX, KBB, Woodward, ZM S.A. & Harzewerke, Masson S.A. & STX S26MC Stock & SKL 6NVD, 8NVD, 6VD S.
Stanton Ocean Services United Kingdom Distributor Mannesmann & Distributor Rexroth Bosch Wabco & Distributor Westinghouse & Compressors, Pumps spares Stock & Purifiers, Separators spares S. & Engine spares Stock
Anglotech S.R.L. Italy Wartsila, Sulzer, GMT, MAN & Pielstick, Deutz, Cummins, MAK & Caterpillar, Cummins, Volvo, MWM & Daihatsu, Ruston, Scania & Air and refrigerator compressors & Pumps, Separators, Purifiers
Sepur Italy Separators, purifiers spares & Alfa Laval, Westfalia, Nirex & Mitsubishi, Moatti
Marine Technical Services Ltd. Poland CPP repairs & Propeller blade repairs & Retrofittings of Ballast Water & Pipeline modifcations & Fuel cooler installation & Engine overhauls/repairs
Pikasoma Lithuania Anchors & chains Stock & Mooring ropes & tails S. & Steel wire ropes & slings S. & Marine valves & air vent head S. & Fiberglass gratings S. & Cathodic protection S.
Sea Master Trading United Arab Emirates Bergen RSGB type Stock & Bergen KRG type Stock & Purifiers, Turbochargers S. & Compressors, Governors S. & Hydraulic equipments, Liners S. & Generators, Pumps, Pistons S.
Depco Power Generation Co., Ltd. China Diesel gensets, generators & Mitsubishi DM-5/DM-100 gensets & Cummins DC-30/DC-1623 gensets & DOOSAN DD-64/DD-825 gensets & Deutz DDE-63/DDE-825 gensets & Isuzu DFI-28/DFI-45 gensets
NedPower B.V. Netherlands SKL stock & Moteurs Baudouin & Detegasa water & waste managemen & GE Marine & Engine & Turbo Parts & GARRETT Turbochargers
Hydraulic & Pneumatic Sweden Electrical Automotive components & Construction components & Oil petrochemical components & Cranes, Hoists, Spray nozzles & Pumps, Fire protection & Pneumatic, conveyor systems
QinHuangDao Shifang Marine Machinery Co., Ltd China Shanxi diesel heavy industry & Dalian marine diesel & Zhenjiang marine works & Hudong heavy machinery & Anqing marine diesel & High diesel heavy industry Co.
Xiamen Union Spares Ltd. China Bearing shell Manufacture & Cylinder head, Cylinder liner M. & Piston, Piston ring Manufacture & Fuel injector, Conrod, Bolt M. & Valve and Valve seat, Guide M. & Bearing shell, Rocker seat M.
Sinoteck Co., Ltd. China Sulzer RND RT RLB RLA RTA RD & MAN L S L+V, NAN TONG 2135 4135 & Deutz BVM, Wartsila Vasa & MAK 551 552 Daihatsu PS DL DK DS & Yanmar M U G S T M & ABB BBC MAN IHI turboch. spares
Zhuzhou Tongda Carbide Co., Ltd. China CNC inserts for diesel engines & Sleeve, strips and plates, rods & Carbide seal rings, carbide ball & Cuting tools & Tungsten carbide screw & Injection molding machine parts
Singapore Marine Engineering & Spares Pte Ltd. Singapore Japanese spare parts & Korean spare parts & European spare parts & Chinese spare parts & Stock spare parts & Genuine and OEM spares
Turbo Link United Arab Emirates Napier turbochargers spare parts & MET Mitsubishi turboch. spares & KBB ABB turbochargers spares & MAN turbochargers spares & Authorised Napier turbochargers & Repair turbochargers
Xinxiang Coolworks Filter Manufacturing Co., Ltd. China Atlas Copco air compressor & Ingersoll-Rand air compressor & Comp air compressor filter & Sullair air compressor filter & Others
AGV - Injectores Navais Unipessoal, LDA Portugal SKL NVD26 Stock & MAN 662VT2BF-140 S. & VEB Zwickauer 2S1-125C S. & Ref compressor STAL S-64A S. & Ref compressor MYCOM F160LUD S. & water pump NCVC 63/30 OM5 S.
Alliance Diesel Refit France MAN 48/60 B spare parts Stock & Pielstick spare parts Stock & Repair MAN Pielstick & MAN TCA88 turbocharger
General Filters Greece Parker MP Racor filters Stock & Baldwin Boll&Kirch Dahl filters & Filtrec Fleetguard Hengst filter & Jura Mahle Donaldson EPE filters & Fairley Hydac MANN Pall filters & Alco Atlas filtri Agro filters
Industrial Separation Services Ltd. United Kingdom Alfa Laval Westfalia separators & Sharples Pennwalt separators & Flottweg Pieralisi separators & Seital Mitsubishi separators & Plate heat exchangers Decanters & Pumps Valves Purifiers
Turbotechniki Ltd. Greece Mitsibishi turbochargers & MAN turbochargers & PBS Turbo turbocnargers & Turbocnargers spare parts & Bearings, Compressor wheels & Turbine rotors, Turbine blades
Virtus GmbH Germany Azcue Yamada AquaMar Evac pumps & Hamworthy Megator Oddesse pumps & Alfa Laval Westfalia purifiers & Hamworthy Bock Bitzer compressor & Auramarine booster moduls & AquaMar sewage treatment plants
Marine Motor Service GmbH (MMS) Germany Wartsila 46 Stock & MAK 453 S. & Caterpillar 3600 Series S. & Manuf. cylinder heads 160-500 mm & Reconditioned pumps & Production pistons
Decohyd Products Co., Ltd. China Hydraulic Rexroth Denison Yuken & Poclain motor and parts & Vickers valve & Hydraulic Cylinders & Control Valves & Manifold Block
MARIWAY GmbH Germany MAN B&W Stock & Turbochargers Stock & Repair of turbochargers & ABB turbochargers & KBB turbochargers & MAN Turbo turbochargers Stock
SECO GmbH Germany Hyundai Himsen 21/32 25/33 Stock & Sulzer 20 40 25/30 40/48 Stock & MAN 16/24 21/31 23/30 27/38 S. & MAN 28/32 32/40 48/60 Stock & Deutz 528, 540/640, 628 Stock & SKL 24 26 26/20 36/24 48 Stock
Metra Instruments S.A. Switzerland Thermocouple & Temperature transmitter sensor & Thermometers & Pressure gauges & Expension joints & Cathodic protection equipment
DMR Kloska Technik GmbH Germany DMR, Scania Stock & MAN B&W, MAK, SKL S. & Wartsila / Sulzer S. & Maschinenbau Halberstadt(MBH) S. & Deutz / MWM-Motoren S. & Volvo-Penta, Pielstick S.
Görmer GmbH Germany Products from rubber, plastics & Rubber conveyor belts & Plastic conveyor belts & BEHAbelt transport belts & Timing belts & Waer protection
Ocean Clean GmbH Germany Oily water separator & Bilge water separator & Biologic. sewage treatment plant & Ballast water treatment systems & Grease separator & Vacuum systems
Thomsen & Co. GmbH Engine Power Systems (EPS) Germany MAN, MWM gas eng. parts Stock & GE Jenbacher gas eng. parts S. & Waukesha gas eng. parts Stock & Caterpillar gas eng. parts Stock & Exchange cylinder heads & Exchange intercooler
Thomsen & Co. GmbH Hamburg Germany Woodward governor & Regulateurs Europe governor & Zexel-Diesel Kiki governor & Russian Governor governor & Heinzmann governor & GAC governor
Uwe Kloska GmbH Technik + Service Germany Hydraulic & accessories & Elastomer and foam technology & Plastics & Sealing technology & plastic & Elastomer & foam technology
Emder Marine Logistic GmbH (EML) Germany Caterpillar spare parts & MTU spare parts & Volvo spare parts & Pumps & Centrifugal pumps & Gear pumps
Gold Engineering GmbH Germany RR Bergen KRM, KVM, KRG, KVG, BR & DEUTZ 628, 816, 716, 528, 616, & MWM spare parts 2020, 2032 & Pielstick PC2-2, PC2-5, PC 2-6 & Wartsila 46, 50 & MaK M453 M20 M25 M32 M43 stock
MARES Shipping GmbH Germany MAK spare parts & Pielstick spare parts & Crepelle spare parts & Deutz spare parts & Sulzer spare parts & Bergen Diesel spare parts
MasMarine S.R.L. Italy Fuel pumps and injectors & Centrifugal pumps & Compressors & Turbochargers & Recondition
FIL-TEC-RIXEN GmbH Germany Filter & Candle filter & Air filter & Water filter & Centrifugal oil cleaner & Filter elements / spare parts
Omnimare GmbH Germany MAN B&W spare parts & SKL spare parts & Pielstick spare parts & DEUTZ spare parts & Cummins spare parts & Caterpilar spare parts
BGM Trading GmbH Germany Pumps & pumps spare parts & Mechanical seals & Separator & Air compressor spare parts & Purifier & heat exchanger & Fuel injection parts
Sudoservice GmbH Germany SKL VD26/20, NVD48A, VD21/15 Sto & SKL NVD36, NVD26 Stock & Deutz 628, 816 Stock & MAK 452, 453 Stock & Pervomayskdiesel CHN25/34 Stock & Pielstick PC2.5 Stock
Vulkan & Voss GmbH Germany MAK M20 & ABB TPS 48-57 & MAN turbocharger NA NR & AVK generator & Newage generator & MECCALTE generator
Exonder Italy Plate heat exchangers seals & Reconditioned plate heat exch & Used separators & Disks for centrifugal separators & Used purifiers
Teus Vlot Diesel & Marine Netherlands Cummins & Scania & Sisu Diesel & Valmet & Deutz & MWM
Brattvaag Marine Services AS Norway Deutz Marine engines & Deutz SBV8M628 & BV6M628 Stock & Overhauled clutch w/Vulcan S. & Vulcan coulpings/elements S. & Deutz BF6L913 & Selmar Marine Reverse Osmosis
Armator Projekt d.o.o. Croatia VAF instruments
Laiwu Steel Group Zibo Anchor Chain Co., Ltd. China Stud link chain cable & Studless link chain cable & Chain fittings & Anchors & Marine rigging & Ropes
Techonomy AB Sweden Pielstick & Nohab engines & Hedemora & Wärtsilä Vasa & ABB Turbocharger & BBC spares & Crankshafts (large stock)
Varni Marine India Main Engine Spares & Auxillary Engine & Spares & Air Compressor & Spares & Machineries & Hydraulics & Pumps
Reza Enterprise India Pielstick engine & Mitsubishi engine & Wartsila engine & Yanmar engine & MAN engine & Sulzer engine
Lazer Shipping S.A. Turkey Deutz RBV8M358 & Vessel Kumsal, North Star
Van West-Holland B.V. Netherlands MAN spare parts & MAN B&W spare parts & Mitsubishi spare parts & Yanmar spare parts
Labdhi Marine India Sulzer main engine & B&W main engine & MaK main engine & Wartsila main engine & MAN main engine & Yanmar auxiliary engine
Ardora S.A. Spain GUASCOR marine engine & GUASCOR industrial engine & GUASCOR spare parts & VALMET engine spare parts & AGCO POWER engine complete & AGCO POWER engine spare parts
Brovertek Group Ltd. Ireland MAN MC engine spare parts & MAN 32/40 spare parts & MAN 32/40 cyl covers recondition & RTA engine spare parts & MAN 4 stroke spare parts & Wartsila engine spare parts
Diesel Injection Vliegenthart BV Netherlands MC / ME engine fuel equipment & RTA engine fuel equipment & RT-Flex engine fuel equipment & MAN diesel engine fuel equipment & Wartsila engine fuel equipment & MaK diesel engine fuel equipment
EMS spares Indonesia Nigata spare parts & Caterpillar spare parts & Wartsila spare parts & Hanshin spare parts & Daihatsu spare parts & Yanmar RAL, MAL, GL spare parts
Gali Internacional, S.A. Spain Air starters & repair kits & Hydraulic starters & repair kits & Air shut-off valves & Engine turning mechanism & Hydraulic plants units & Flameproof products ATEX-IECEX
Gulf Oilfield and Marine Automation Services United Arab Emirates Instrumentation and Controls & Electricals equipment & Valves and Fittings & Automation & Level Monitoring / Indicators & Transmitters, Gauges
Hubei Chengjun Industry Co., Ltd. China Cummins diesel engines & Cummins engine spare parts & Cummins ISF2.8 / ISF3.8 series & Cummins B/C/L/LK engines & Cummins 6BT / 6CT / 4BT engines & Cummins QSB / QSL engines
Idustria Naval Meccanica S.R.L. Italy MAN spare parts & Caterpillar spare parts & Deutz spare parts & Blackstone spare psrts & Mak spare parts & MWM Cummins-Wartsila spare psrts
M&J Marine Engineering Service Co., Ltd. Korea Yanmar spare parts & Daihatsu spare parts & Nigata spare parts & Hanshin spare parts & Akasaka spare parts & Mitsubishi spare parts
Narayan Marine Tech. Pvt. Ltd. India MAN spare parts & Akasa spare parts & MTU spare parts & Mitsubishi spare parts & Daihatsu spare parts & Wartsila spare parts
Norta Mit GmbH Germany AKASAKA spare parts & CATERPILLAR spare parts & DETROIT DIESEL spare parts & FIAT spare parts & MAK spare parts & MTU spare parts
Senda Shipping Engineering & Service Ltd. China Wartsila RND & Wartsila RTA & Wartsila RT-flex & SULZER RND & SULZER RTA & SULZER RT-flex
Ship Hydraulic Services India Ihi spare parts & Fukushima spare parts & Hugglud spare psarts & Kawasaki Staffa spare parts & Mitsubishi spare parts & Norwinch spare parts
SRM Diesel Engines China Daihatsu diesel & Deutz diesel & MAN B&W diesel & Yanmar diesel & Pielstick diesel & Sulzer diesel
UK General Trading Co., Ltd. United Kingdom Industrial Equipment Supplies & Earth Moving Equipment & Road Building Equipment & Industrial Equipment Supplies & Diesel generators and spares & Spare parts Supplies
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