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ISOTTA Diesel Engines and Spare parts

Isotta Fraschini brand is of very old date.
Company develops a modern and full range of engines, with outputs from 200 to 3,600 hp for marine, industrial and rail traction applications, based on the 1300 and 1700 engine families.

Spare parts for Isotta Fraschini in line engines: L1306C2 MSD HSC | L1306C2ME | L1306T2 ML CCL | L1306T2 MSD HSC | L1306T2 MSD SFC | L1306T2ME | L1306T2ME | L1306T3 | L1306T3 | L1306TS MSD HSC

Spare parts for Isotta Fraschini V 1312 series engines: V1312C2 MSD HSC | V1312C2ME | V1312T2 MLL CCL | V1312T2 MSD SFC | V1312T2ME | V1312T2ME | V1312T3 | V1312T3

Spare parts for Isotta Fraschini V 1708 series engines: V1708C2ME | V1708T2 MLL CCL | V1708T2ME | V1708T2ME | V1708T3 | V1708T3

Spare parts for Isotta Fraschini V 1712 series engines: V1712 C2 MLH | V1712 C2 MLH | V1712T2 MLL CCL | V1712T2 MLL SFC | V1712T2ME | V1712T2ME | V1712T3 | V1712T3

Spare parts for Isotta Fraschini V 1716 series engines: V1716T2 MLH CCH | V1716T2 MSD SFC | VL1716C1 MSD HSC | VL1716C2ME | VL1716T2ME | VL1716T2ME | VL1716T2ME

Isotta diesel engine spare parts offers

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